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Blu-ray production to get a boost in China

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Jul 2008 1:27 User comments (6)

Blu-ray production to get a boost in China News has come from the Blu-ray Disc Association Press Conference this morning that a BD factory is set to launch in China this December and that the production output will end any shortages that the Asian market has been seeing.
The leading Blu-ray Disc player makers Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer, have each had slow sales, especially in China but this new factory should lead to strong growth over the next few quarters. The Shanghai Epic Music Entertainment Company Ltd. "will produce the high-capacity media storage discs at an 140,000 square foot expansion to its factory in Shanghai." Discs will go into production as soon as December.

Sony for one, will begin selling its players with more incentives until the new factory is up and running selling the BDP-S300 player with three Blu-ray DVDs, including Kung Fu Hustle, Spider-Man 3 and Open Season.

Over the next few years, Blu-ray sales are expected to explode in China, giving much needed profits to the studios that have backed the format.

In Japan, it has been reported that Blu-ray disc players have over 50 percent of market share among all new disc player sales.

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6 user comments

112.7.2008 11:20

That is great and all....but....I'm more concerned with the price of a player and movies at my local Wally World.

212.7.2008 11:27

Ditto to that.

312.7.2008 16:00

Originally posted by PantherM:
That is great and all....but....I'm more concerned with the price of a player and movies at my local Wally World.
Warner is listening to you:

Warner lowers Blu-ray pricing:
Retailers could get catalog titles for $11

Starting early September and rolling through first-quarter 2009, Warner will offer a Blu-ray point-of-sale rebate program with which retailers will essentially be able to order participating catalog titles for around $11.

Even with a retail mark-up on the featured titles—including The Fugitive, Enter the Dragon, Clockwork Orange, The Shining, The Aviator, Road Warrior and Swordfish—the price tag to consumers should be significantly less than the titles’ current average of $20 to $25 retail price at outlets such as and Best Buy.

In this program, retailers will buy the titles at their present pricing but obtain rebate money back upon the sale of each unit. That should ultimately amount to a relatively inexpensive $11 cost for retailers.

Additionally, Warner will offer rebates, although less extensive, for newer Blu-ray releases, including 300, The Departed, I Am Legend, Ocean’s 13 and We Are Marshall. This layer of the Blu-ray program also will run from early September to the first quarter, according to store sources.

The consumer price for these titles is likely to fall somewhere between $17 and $20. That would still represent a deal for shoppers, as titles such as 300 are now falling between $24 and $30 at outlets such as Amazon and Best Buy.

412.7.2008 19:20

Well that is encouraging. I've been getting similar deals online at various sites.. but it would be cool to get these prices at best buy or walmart too.

512.7.2008 19:24

I don't know about Hunt720...but i'll take what i can get!

Although...i agree it would be nice to get the same deals at Wally world or BB.

613.7.2008 0:27

Are people still buying this crappy tech. I've got one, and still perfer to buy regular dvd's and upconvert. Blu ended up being a waste of my money.

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