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PSP Go! View finally goes live

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2008 13:49 User comments (4)

PSP Go! View finally goes live Sony and Sky have announced that their handheld video-on-demand service Go! View has finally gone live today, in both the UK and Ireland.
Users of the service can download and transfer content from their PCs to the PSP after they have signed up for monthly subscription packages ranging between GBP 5 and GBP 10 per month.

"We are working with our content providers to secure a quality range of programming and ensure that PSP owners are getting the best possible service on-the-go and on-demand,"
added Alison Turner, general manager, of Go! View Entertainment UK.

Known partners of the service include Disney-ABC-ESPN, BBC Worldwide, Sony Pictures Television, NBC Universal International, National Geopraphic and Sky Sports.

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4 user comments

114.7.2008 16:20

thnks..ill just stick to dling what i want for 0 GBP a month then converting it to MP4 then watching it as much as i want.another happy customer sony..thanks for the PSP its brilliant but seriously give us stuff that are actually usefull and free otherwise only a few will spit your way

214.7.2008 18:40

I kinda agree with the first post. We have more then enough things we have to pay for. I think its cool they are adding content to the PSP. But I would rather see this be in HD rather than standard.

317.7.2008 12:20

they should bring the playstation network to the psp it would make the online experience alot better end deter online hackers

420.7.2008 20:32

It would be nice if you can visit their online store, and purchase games to dl to your PSP. As it is now, their online stuff for the PSP is utter crap. The only thing that is really usable is the Internet radio functions, which comes in handy when you're out on the patio, smoking a cigar.

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