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Borders Books aiming for digital future

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2008 12:08 User comments (5)

Borders Books aiming for digital future Borders Books is launching a new MP3 store of a different kind. Instead of selling music will feature audiobooks in MP3 format, making them compatible with standard portable media players. They'll initially be offering a selection of 15,000 titles. was launched just last year following a split from, where their online store had been hosted for seven years.
"With the launch of Borders Audiobook Downloads on, the availability of the download service in our concept stores, and the option to buy audiobooks on CD, we are giving customers what no other book retailer does-the ability to enjoy this great form of entertainment in a variety of formats including the universally compatible MP3 format," said Kevin Ertell, senior vice president of e-business for Borders Group. "We look forward to growing our audiobook catalog so that customers always have access to the best selection of audiobooks available."

The company also recently opened a concept store in Ann-Arbor, Michigan where customers can already download both audiobooks and music directly from computers located in a special area of the store designated as the Digital Center. They can even create and burn their own custom CDs.

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5 user comments

115.7.2008 12:03

Originally posted by windsong:
They're late to the about 10 years.

MP3 players weren't around 10 years ago as far as I know.

215.7.2008 13:29

That's cool, for those that enjoy reading but don't have the time they can now listen to the book(s) in their cars or while they exercise etc.

Kind of like the old "Books on tape" or "Books on CD" but now you can have them in a more portable state.

315.7.2008 14:10

They're late to the about 10 years.


416.7.2008 13:31

I find it ironic that it's Amazon's Kindle that has made the breakthrough on digital books, which previously hadn't taken off, yet Borders split from them.
Probably a smart move, though.
Why pay Amazon a precentage to "warehouse and ship" digital inventory?

518.7.2008 10:13

windsong (Junior Member) 15 July 2008 13:10
They're late to the about 10 years.


I guess that I don't understand that comment. Could you elaborate?

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