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Sony goes BD-Live with BDP-S350

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2008 13:29 User comments (2)

Sony goes BD-Live with BDP-S350 Sony has announced they have begun shipping their new BD-Live (Blu-ray Profile 2.0) player, the BDP-S350. The player is Sony's first standalone BD-Live player and should become the new standard for Blu-ray standalone players.
The player has support for BD-Live internet extras through its built in Ethernet port and also has a faster boot time then previous Sony players. The company also adds that there is an external port for "local BD-Live storage."

Sony's BDP-S350 also includes Sony's Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology, which enhances SD signals to full 1080p HD. The player also includes Precision Drive HD, "which prevents discs from wobbling inside the player from three directions."

In an effort to optimize the player's environment "friendliness", the design has been updated and reduces power consumption by 21 percent during playback and 43 percent during standby. The actual player itself is 55 percent smaller than its predecessor, the S300 and weighs 38 percent less.

The player will retail for $399 USD, the same price as the now 80GB PS3 model which has been BD-Live capable since early this year.

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2 user comments

118.7.2008 15:04

The actual player itself is 55 percent smaller...

But 47 percent more expensive !!! Why 47%? Cause it sounded good with all the other percentages thrown out there in that article.

218.7.2008 15:18

^ Just wait till September or Christmas.
It looks to be a great player tho.

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