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Wii leads US hardware sales for June

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2008 13:43 User comments (11)

Wii leads US hardware sales for June According to data figures from the NPD Group, the Nintendo Wii once again led US hardware sales for the month of June, selling just over 666,000 consoles for the month. That figure also helped the console become the highest selling "next-gen" system, surpassing the Xbox 360 which was released a year earlier.
Since its launch in late 2006, Nintendo has sold 10.9 million units in the US, just beating out the Xbox 360's 10.7 million since its launch.

NPD also noted that the Wii had beaten out both the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in every month but one since its launch.

"Wii is bringing people of all ages into the video-game experience,"
Cammie Dunaway, head of marketing for Nintendo's U.S. unit, added.

For the month, 405,500 PlayStation 3s were sold and just 219,800 Xbox 360s.

Year-on-year, total industry sales rose 53 percent to $1.69 billion USD with games seeing the largest surge, 61 percent.

NPD also expects the recent price cuts by Sony and Microsoft to add more interest in the consoles and an even higher surge in sales across the board.

"Looking at historical data, hardware price reductions have been a good incentive for a broader consumer base to invest in a new-gen system, which encourages continued industry growth across all categories,"
added the group.

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11 user comments

118.7.2008 15:00

how do i get mins on this

218.7.2008 15:00

how do i get mins on this

318.7.2008 15:31

duh its cheap and parents mainly buy this thing.

when the realize is fun to play for about 2 months. after than its only use is to keep ur magazines or books from falling over.

none of these sales "figures" reflect how many are returned or traded in.

im not sure how many more Dart throwing, Bowling games i can stand any more lol

418.7.2008 16:01

you are absolutely right, i lovedm y wii for about 2 or 3 months untill I played an xbox then i bought the xbox and my wii is collecting dust except smashbros and mario kart on wii...Parents were drawn to the nintendos price and the motion thinking their lazy kids are going to lose weight playing the games.

518.7.2008 17:01

I understand the mass appeal of the Wii. It's attractive for its low price and its extremely high accessibility. People who don't play games can easily pick up a remote and hop in. For someone like myself things work a little differently.

I bought one a few months ago for the sole purpose of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl but now I haven't played it in almost 2 months. It's only fun to me when friends are over occasionally to play Wii Sports or Mario Party. Other than that I play the PS3 far more than my Wii.

618.7.2008 18:29

We bought a Wii last year as it looked fun from the TV ads.
Played a few dozen times on the bundled wii sports and warioware before losing interest, must have bought at least a dozen games, all of which turned out to be cr@p which I sold on thru the bay, and now we havnt even turned it on since at least xmas...

Trying to persuade the missus to flog it and get a 360 but she wont have it as wants a wii-fit, even though you cant get hold of one in the UK anywhere for the past 3 months and when we eventually do, she will prob only use it half a dozen times anyway...

718.7.2008 21:17

400,000 playstations is pretty impressive considering it is the most expensive next gen console and being sold in an economy that is slowing. Sony would be very happy with that.

818.7.2008 22:07

The Wii is a very good Well designed piece of equipment. What turned me from it was the controller, the limited number of games BTW is not Nintendo's fault.

the limitations on there games was imposed by the simplistic rule that the Big Fish(EA)always eat little fish(company's EA has Acquired which is allot)Also the limited number of third party devs. which have ether quite or have been bought out.

Its a shame really while EA is a multi-platform release company, a large amount of games are released On MS And Sony's consoles, do to the nature of these Games.

Nintendo had a tradition make Game's fun and Non-violent(blood guts Disembowelment,nudity)for the family. that tradition is slowly fading.

Sad really.

919.7.2008 19:55

Originally posted by DXR88:
Nintendo had a tradition make Game's fun and Non-violent(blood guts Disembowelment,nudity)for the family. that tradition is slowly fading.
What about conker's bad fur day for the n64. lol oh man that game was great for its time.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 19 Jul 2008 @ 19:56

1019.7.2008 20:27

They still have problems supplying demand. If I could afford to buy 20 on spec I would and save them up for the xmas panic.. probably double my money easy.

1119.7.2008 22:33

Good idea Varnull. Gift wrap 'em for the and procrastinators and you'll easily double your dough.

They still sell partly due to their cost factor vs. the other two consoles out there.

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