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Music website iLike adds free streaming playback

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2008 16:28 User comments (3)

Music website iLike adds free streaming playback The popular music website iLike has announced new features that should be welcomed by the site's alleged 30 million users.
Thanks to a new partnership with Rhapsody, users can listen to full songs via streaming whereas before they could only hear 30 second clips. However, users can only listen to 25 full tracks for free each month, afterwards they will be linked to get a Rhapsody account.

iLike runs off private funding from contributors such as Ticketmaster but now has announced an ad platform "aimed at concert promoters, artists and bands, enabling them to target users based on several criteria such as music taste and location."

The site says the full streaming of tracks only works on the main site right now but will soon work with all their popular web applications on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Artists also get some type of royalty each time one of their songs is played.

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3 user comments

122.7.2008 9:30

It is great to see sites like iLike catching up. We7 has been streaming tracks for free (with many to also download for free) using the ad-funded model with targeted advertising since its launch last year. Due to the nature of its advertising, artists are properly paid. Consumers obvioulsy need more than 30 seconds of a typically 3.5 minute track - they want to be able to use the internet like radio where they are the DJ.

222.7.2008 9:53

25 tracks a month before they want your money.. music videos hosted on youtube.... catch you later.. FAIL!!! plenty of free streamed radio out there without all the hassle of signing up and crap..

324.7.2008 2:05

with many to also download for free? I like it,thank you

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