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New LG phones to add Dolby surround audio

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Jul 2008 1:49 User comments (8)

New LG phones to add Dolby surround audio

LG, the world's fourth largest mobile phone distributor, has announced they have signed a deal with Dolby which will allow for Dolby Mobile surround sound technology to be added to upcoming handsets.
The idea behind the deal is to give LG users improved sound quality for their music files and video files and follows in the trend of phones moving towards full fledged multimedia devices.

According to the Washington Post, the service features: "Mobile Surround, which delivers a realistic surround sound experience using headphones-- Sound Space Expander, which creates a wide, rich, and spacious soundstage experience especially suited to music playback-- Natural Bass, which adds powerful boost and bass extension-- High-Frequency Enhancer, which enhances music and other content by restoring high-frequency effects-- Graphic EQ, which helps tune the audio experience for different content types-- Sound Level Control, which helps level out audio for a more consistent playback volume-- Mono-to-Stereo Converter, which improves the playback experience of user-generated content."

The phone maker is the first to include "Dolby Mobile" in its phones however analysts believe the technology was mostly created by Coding Technologies which was acquired by Dolby last year. Coding Technologies already had customers for its surround audio technology, including the world's largest cell phone maker, Nokia.

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8 user comments

130.7.2008 14:55

Great! They found yet another whole new way of draining the phone's battery in no time...I have an LG Shine and the battery, with an occasional call, tons of text messages and a few ringtone-bluetooth-transfer,only last around 24 hours...compared with older less multimediey phones it doesn't last...I had a horrible and huge Nokia whose most advanced technology was text messaging and the battery used to last 2 weeks...

They seem to find new ways of improving the phones and letting the batteries keep the same...

230.7.2008 18:16

In other news, not only can your cell phone have surround sound, now it can drive your car and cook dinner for you!

The only draw back is it lasts only 15 minutes before it needs recharging.

330.7.2008 21:19

How you do that with only 1 speaker ?

The IFPI Are: The same anti consumer lot as listed above!

430.7.2008 23:52

They add all these fancy features yet they cannot perfect the actual purpose of a cell phone, for calls.

I'd take a phone that doesnt cut out or drop calls with a great speakerphone and a clear headset in the phone over music, bluetooth, television and surround sound in a phone.

These companies are becoming really stupid.

531.7.2008 09:09

Its like having at 1080P TV thats less than 40" big. You'll hardly see any different. I doubt this phone will sound any different than an MP3 player or even on speaker.

631.7.2008 17:28

Originally posted by 1bonehead:
How you do that with only 1 speaker ?
Actually a lot of cellphones that play music and or video do have two speakers. The article also states it's for headphones. I have a Samsung i730 that has a similar feature. It does work. It helps more while watching videos than music though. For the most part what it does. Is give you the (audio not visual) feeling of a larger listening area. It's similar to having a 2 channel television with a virtual surround setting on.

73.8.2008 20:34

Originally posted by 1bonehead:
How you do that with only 1 speaker ?
Good question, especially when that one speaker is pressed directly onto one of your ears. On a sidenote, I'm shocked that you didn't go on a tirade about Sony DRM and MPAA lobbying.

83.8.2008 20:50

I'm shocked that you didn't go on a tirade about Sony DRM and MPAA lobbying.
Care to explain the bait you've laid out? We try to avoid flamewars not promote them.

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