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7Digital wants iTunes' spot at the top

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2008 18:50 User comments (2)

Since that announcement there has been mixed criticisms as to how efficient the industry agreement will be and how fast any type of ISP-level filter would be broken. 7Digital however, the online music download store, is going under the impression the deal will end all piracy and they want to use it to take over iTunes' number one spot.

A new proposal by the site would see it become the largest online music outfit, basically overnight, but will also require the new UK ISP deal to work, and work very well at that.

The new proposal would mean "broadband consumers would be able to purchase music files straight from the ISPs or subscribe to DRM protected music libraries and even allow ISPs to create their own download service like iTunes but without a heavy initial outlay. By acting a one-stop shop, the big music studios will not be compelled to discuss individually with the dozens of ISPs out there, leaving that to 7Digital."

"It's a natural step for ISPs to offer added value services such as music downloads and streaming to their existing customers,"
adds 7digital's CEO Ben Drury. "It will help combat churn and attract new subscribers."

This new news reminds of when Australian ISPs impelmented an 84 million dollar porn filter which subsequently broken within 30 minutes by a teenager who was bored. If instead, the industry goes for blanket P2P blocks, rest assured open source and digital rights will be up in arms, which is a fight 7Digital and the record industry does not want.

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2 user comments

110.8.2008 22:57

if there's a pirate, theres a way, industry just doesnt understand, its not about getting something for free, its about being able to break the rules and get away with it, not to mention giving us something to do...well...and about getting something for free...

211.8.2008 12:11

Thank goodness for bored teenagers :D

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