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3 million iPhone 3G sold in first month

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Aug 2008 13:14 User comments (6)

3 million iPhone 3G sold in first month According to Cote Collaborative analyst Michael Cote, the Apple iPhone 3G has hit 3 million sales in its first month, strong demand that far surpasses that of the original iPhone.
"They are seeing unprecedented demand," says Cote, noting that sales do not appear to be slowing down either. The sales pace is a stark contrast to the downward trends in consumer spending across the board, in the US and abroad. Wall Street had anticipated 3 million total quarterly sales for the device but it is looking now like 5-6 million will be more accurate.

For comparison, the iPhone 3G sold 1 million units in 3 days while it took 74 days for the original iPhone to hit the milestone.

The new version does have a few advantages that is surely leading to its hot sales. The $199 USD price tag is half the price of the original iPhone. Touchscreen mobile phones are the hottest trend now for the market and the iPhone 3G gets to capitalize on that consumer enthusiasm. The phone is also now available in 22 countries, with releases set for 48 more countries before the end of the year. The original iPhone was only available in 4 nations.

Cote does predict however that Apple will have problems keeping up with demand. "The demand is so strong it may impact or delay the new countries coming on," Cote says.

We should all be so lucky to have problems of that nature.

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6 user comments

112.8.2008 15:15

3 million more added to the stupid list.

212.8.2008 17:41

Originally posted by lynchGOP:
3 million more added to the stupid list.
I'm sorry I succumbed to the temptation and got one. as a cameraphone it's a piece of excrement but as a internet device it is brilliant

I should have waited six months for the 3rdGen iPhone maybe then it will have video camera, mms and 5megapixel camera

312.8.2008 17:50

That's quite a few units in a short time.

Not me though. :)

413.8.2008 1:32

3 million sales in its first month. Amazing

513.8.2008 3:01

@ lynchGOP

I'm a bit of a skeptic, as you seem to be, could you elaborate on your experience with the new iphone? I got a chance to use one, and as an entertainment device, it seems pretty solid. It worked great as a phone as well, I was actually thinking about getting one. Probably wouldn't recommend it for the business user, but I liked it.

614.8.2008 14:14

Originally posted by lynchGOP:
3 million more added to the stupid list.
I'm guessing your stupid list begins with all those idiots that paid $600.00 for the first one??!!

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