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Apple acknowledges reception issues with iPhone 3G

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2008 4:15 User comments (2)

Apple acknowledges reception issues with iPhone 3G Apple Inc. has acknowledged that users are experiencing issues getting reception on their iPhone 3G handsets. It was revealed that the OS 2.0.2 software update was designed to fix problems with the iPhone 3G that have been reported from users around the world. A company representative confirmed to the Associated Press that the update "improved communication with 3G networks."
This broke the silence that Apple maintained about the reported problems, and confirmed the true intention of the OS 2.0.2 software update, which only had a description of "bug fixes", leading some to wonder what exactly the update changes. The results of the updates for users experiencing problems are mixed.

Some users report that the handset operates much better after applying the updates, while some still claim they have trouble finding a 3G network where there is apparently strong coverage. The put the problems to rest for good, Apple might have to wait on an update from Infineon, whose chip present in the iPhone 3G has been blamed in some cases for the problems.

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2 user comments

121.8.2008 7:24

But you also have to consider that 3g networks are very few right now and Untill i see at&t keep there promise of upgrading and expanding there network which as of now they haven't done anything to there network to warrent the new iphone i am not interrested sorry i don't see paying 200.00 for a phone that cannot connect to a proper network.

221.8.2008 14:16

Me and everyone I know that has an Iphone don't seem to have this problem. I get good coverage everywhere I guess Seattle has a strong network or something

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