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Nokia's 'Comes With Music' to be $150 USD?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2008 17:22 User comments (2)

Nokia's 'Comes With Music' to be $150 USD? According to new reports, Nokia's 'Comes with Music' unlimited mobile download service may cost as high as $150 USD, although the price would be a premium on top of the cost of the handset.
The price in North America is likely to be $100 USD though as Nokia generally sells their phones for cheaper outside of Europe.

The new reports come from UK smartphone retailer Expansys and gives the best insight into pricing we've seen since Nokia's announcement last winter.

For those unaware, the Comes With Music service is a flat one time fee bundled with the cost of the handset which then allows users to download unlimited music tracks for a year and keep them forever after that.

Expansys is selling the Nokia N95 8GB for 395 or 480 with the service included but we will know the official prices soon from Nokia.

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2 user comments

112.9.2008 18:10

$150 might sound a bit steep but that is 150 songs off iTunes.

If that $150 gets you unlimited songs for the life of the service its a great deal in my opinion.

212.9.2008 22:22

Yeah, until they cancel the service like so many other DRM and subscription services.

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