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Nintendo announces DSi in Japan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2008 13:56 User comments (5)

Nintendo announces DSi in Japan Nintendo has officially confirmed the launch of the DSi, an upgrade to the current DS handheld line.
The DSi, exclusively in Japan for now, has a slimmer body, wider screens, two cameras, photo and music players, and an SD slot in replacement of the current GBA slot.

The new handheld is 12 percent thinner than the DS Lite and the screens are 17 percent larger, at 3.25 inches.

Nintendo has added a 3MP camera to the exterior of the handheld and a 2MP camera to the interior hinge. Even more interestingly, the DSi will have a new Internet browser which will allow users to use Wi-Fi to browse the Internet and Nintendo's new DSi shop to download old GBA games and other applications.

Set to launch in Japan on November 1st for 18,900 ($179 USD), international releases are slated for 2009.

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5 user comments

12.10.2008 17:12


22.10.2008 17:32

that is fucking amazing!!!

32.10.2008 21:13

I wonder if the R4 and M3 cards will still work.

43.10.2008 1:09

SD Card slot download able GBA Games. Man this thing is screaming pirate me. i say, i might, i think, i will buy this.

The price tag is hefty, but that's the new software and the 2 camera's(not useless) and SD expansion fee. and to think im looking at my fat DS, BTW people Golden Sun for GBA ia a must have.

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53.10.2008 22:05

I am definitely purchasing it. You can tell that the camera's and web browsing along with downloading are geared more for the Japanese market. I doubt we will be able to download gba games if we import. And I'd love to see what the 2mp camera will be for in games.

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