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Sony officially drops Blu-ray player prices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2008 12:24 User comments (9)

Sony officially drops Blu-ray player prices Sony has officially lowered the price of two of its most popular Blu-ray players, along with adding BD-Live capabilities to one.
Via a firmware update, the BDP-S350 will now be BD-Live capable along with seeing its price slashed $100 USD, to $299 USD. The BDP-S550 will see the same price slash, to $399 USD.

The move marks the first time Sony has officially lowered the price of a Blu-ray player lower than the price of its $399 PlayStation 3 console, which remains far and away the most popular Blu-ray player on the market, from any brand.

The price cuts follow the recent trend of price reductions, with Panasonic doing the same last week and Memorex introducing a $279 USD player earlier this month.

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9 user comments

12.10.2008 12:46

In Canada Walmart is having their anniversary sale and they have a blu-ray player for $199. I thinks its a magnavox.

22.10.2008 17:09

They obviously slashed the price because something new and better is coming out, or it is starting to catch up to them that blu-ray prices are overpriced.

32.10.2008 19:27

In Australia the PS3 used to have a price of $1000. Now it is about $700. Hopefully the price will drop even lower

42.10.2008 20:17

What bout a Christmas (sale) price drop too ?

When the chips are down, you can count on miltex !

52.10.2008 23:54

While its good they are starting to get cheaper. $300 is still too much, considering you get an incredible console system for $100 more. Until I can get a good quality Bluray player for $200 or less, i'll stick with my PS3. And no im not talking about some crappy Insignia brand or similar.

62.10.2008 23:56

Originally posted by miltex:
What bout a Christmas (sale) price drop too ?

After this price drop, I wonder ?

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

73.10.2008 2:43

liars! isn't the ps3 the most popular? so they must have meant the 2nd & 3rd most popular players!i dont know anyone that bought a ps3 for games specifically! every one i now bought the one upgradeable BR player with video game as a bonus feature!

83.10.2008 4:17

Naw I'm still a prude at this point. I've been managing with my dvds for a while now. I'm always on the go, so I usually rip my dvd to my ipod after I buy it, and watch it on the subway. Just bought Iron man, waiting for it to encode. Until I can burn a blank BR disk, buy a pack of them for 19.99, and a player for 100$ I'll just wait.

95.10.2008 1:24

I couldn't agree more. Until Blu-Ray doesn't get as cheap as DVD, for me it's a no brainer to stick to DVD.

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