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Amazon starts $100 USD promotion on Blu-ray bundles

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Oct 2008 0:41 User comments (10)

Amazon starts $100 USD promotion on Blu-ray bundles Amazon has begun a new promotion on select Blu-ray players where if you purchase the player and four Blu-ray movies, you will recieve $100 USD off the entire order.
Using the coupon, and purchasing the four cheapest movies, players can be had for $170 USD including the four movies.

The best price is on a Sylvania player but the best overall deal is most likely the PlayStation 3.

Samsung BD-P1500

80 GB PlayStation 3

Sylvania NB500SL9

The promotion page is available here and this should be the best deal out there until Black Friday.

Amazon Blu-ray bundle promotion page

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10 user comments

131.10.2008 0:46

Sweet these are really good prices. I'm glad i waited out on Blu-ray cause now the prices are falling fast.

231.10.2008 2:46

Am I missing something here ? I just tried this going with the Sylvania and three movies but didn't see the discount at all ?

331.10.2008 2:48

My bad I read that wrong I better put one more movie in my cart :o)

431.10.2008 17:42

man, the title made me think $100 is the price.

53.11.2008 3:14

Desperation for a failing format.

63.11.2008 15:34

What's the best way to find out if your stereo receiver will work with either of these players?

73.11.2008 17:51

Check out the Specks. See what type of audio/video in your receiver will accept. Go to BestBuy online and find the player that you want and check outs it's specks.

85.11.2008 20:03

Hey they have updated the players that you can now get with this offer.

Sony's S300, S350 and S550

95.11.2008 20:35

Ahhh.. the joys of desperation.

106.11.2008 14:25

Originally posted by JakDRiper:
Desperation for a failing format.
Probably. I think they should change the name from Blu-ray to something more appealing. It makes me think of a shark in the ocean.

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