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RIM sued for patent infringement

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 02 Nov 2008 11:48 User comments (3)

RIM sued for patent infringement Mformation Technologies has announced they are suing BlackBerry maker Research In Motion over patent infringement. Mformation is a handset management software firm.
The firm says RIM has infringed two patents with its BlackBerry smartphone and its management software. There was no other details on what was being infringed or what Mformation was hoping to get out of the suit.

"After refusing to license Mformation's disclosed systems and software, RIM modified its BlackBerry software to include Mformation's patented systems and methods of remote management,"
Mformation said.

"Mformation provides mobile device management solutions to mobile operators and enterprises around the globe. We firmly believe in the importance and value of innovation, and have invested significantly for many years in developing our industry leading device management technology. We are also committed to protecting our intellectual property as it is a core asset of our business when absolutely necessary," said Mark Edwards, Mformation's Chief Executive Officer.

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3 user comments

14.11.2008 10:23

Smooth. they should have had this back in the 70's then we wouldn't have M$ or Asspple, there would only be Amiga and Unix.

another fine example of why are country is falling apart.

24.11.2008 19:27

A world without microcrap and a$$wipe... we can but dream.

322.11.2008 20:42

A world with Microsoft, without Apple! Zune would control the 73% of the MP3 player market, 99% of the OS market (considering Linux), the browsers don't change much, the whole world would be all PC!

But we can but dream.

*I do like iPods, but not Macs.

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