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"Little House on the Prairie" R-rated

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 07 Nov 2008 6:41 User comments (26)

"Little House on the Prairie" R-rated Finnish Board of Film Classification has rated the DVD release of family drama series Little House on the Prairie banned for under 18 year-olds. The popular childrens television series got a red K-18 sticker which stands for: "The programme may be conveyed only to a person who has attained the age of 18."
The marketing manager of Universal Pictures Finland Meri Suomela told Reuters that to save money they did not sumbit the series to the inspection. The film board charges two euros per minute for inspecting. It would have cost Universal over 18 000 euros (over $23 000) for the 202 episode series. If a film or tv-series goes uninspected it is distributed as "Unclassified. Only for persons over 18 years."

Little House on the Prairie, which originally ran from 1974 to 1983, is shown by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE on Sunday mornings.

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26 user comments

17.11.2008 07:46

*dies laughing*
fck way?

27.11.2008 08:03

Laura Ingalls naked, mmmmmm........

37.11.2008 08:22

Hilarious..... its a mad mad world my friends...

47.11.2008 08:30

I can only giggle at this one. Crazy.

57.11.2008 09:30

LOL, didnt know there were people that dont know what kind of a series Little House on the Prairie is :D Looks like universals employees are stupid in every country :D

67.11.2008 10:08

This illustrates the total idiocy of GOVERNMENTS as they are. Apparently Finnish government officials are a bunch of mindless robots who can't think for themselves and can only walk in goose step with the rest of the non thinking idiots. What a load of Bovine Scaffology.

Just my $ .04

77.11.2008 12:51

No one here would believe me if i told em "lhotp" was banned in some countries...lmao

87.11.2008 12:55

And yet they let children watch Barney.... The mind boggles.

97.11.2008 12:58

Well i suppose they don't reckon they'll sell that many copies of it to justify paying the inspection fees.

And let's face it, look at the over 18's games, GTA for example - kids get their parents to buy them for them, so i'm sure anyone that wants it will be able to get it.

They might even sell more copies if it's over 18's, people might think it's a steamier version! ;)

107.11.2008 14:32

"Tis a shame, as I grew up with the Ingalls family as a child.


117.11.2008 15:33

another great way to make money

127.11.2008 18:11

Maybe it should be banned.

137.11.2008 18:17

BTW did anyone notice the ad above? Little House on Prairie
All 207 Uncut Episodes on DVD 10 Seasons on 54 DVDS Uncut. Lol.

147.11.2008 19:39

Why would you have to inspect "Little House on the Prairie" in the first place?
Are they afraid they might show some ankle.

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157.11.2008 19:43

It's the sheer amount of horses ass contained within that does it.

Who in their right mind would want all 207 episodes anyway.. It was crap when I was a kid, and it probably looks even worse now.

167.11.2008 20:23

Yeah I can just see Mrs. Olsen naked! My eyes! The Finns must not get out much! LMAO

177.11.2008 20:32

...I know we are all trying to save $$$...LOL!

187.11.2008 22:45

It would make a bad impression for those idiots that classify the films, if the public saw a 18+ mark on the series than probably they would think the person that "rated" it to be purely idiotic.

197.11.2008 23:44

I used to watch this every single day. Good show. Gotta love that halfpint!

208.11.2008 01:03

Originally posted by varnull:
It's the sheer amount of horses ass contained within that does it.
It's not the series that contains so many horses' asses it's the many governments around the world, isn't it?!

218.11.2008 10:48


That is the most funniest thing i have ever read!!!!

Wow a tv show that you show on tv sunday mornings and you marked it 18+ for dvd sales.

228.11.2008 14:37

As silly as it sounds it's only fair they have to pay the same fees as everyone else.

238.11.2008 19:19

Well, I think its silly but at the same time I doubt a 12 year could afford to buy this boxset anyways. Most of the buyers are probably people who watched it in the past and are over 18 now anyways.

248.11.2008 22:15

Just plain dumb, LHOTP is rated R

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

259.11.2008 02:02

honestly this is a great idea. they save 20k. No one under 18 is going to purchase this stupid dvd set anyway, there is no need to rate it.

it is a complete saving if you ask me.

2610.11.2008 03:28

I thought the point was that it MAY NOT really be an 18+ show but if they don't have it rated it gets marked as 18+ no matter what!

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