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HDTV market penetration at all-time high

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Nov 2008 7:36 User comments (7)

HDTV market penetration at all-time high According to a new Leichtman Research study, one-third of all Americans now own an HDTV, putting market penetration at an all-time high. The number has doubled from 2006's figures.
Just over 22 percent of all US homes purchased a new HDTV in the last 12 months, and about 48 percent spent over $1000 USD for their new TV.

"About 40 million U.S. households now have at least one HDTV set, and LRG forecasts that this number will double over the next four years,"
noted Bruce Leichtman, President and principal analyst of Leichtman Research. "While more people than ever before have HDTV sets, educating consumers on HD programming remains an issue.

HDTV prices, whether they be for DLP, LCD or plasma screens, have been dropping exponentially over the past two years and 42 inch screens with full 1080p HD resolution can be found for under $1000 depending on the brand.

The study also says that 33 percent of current HDTV owners own more than one HDTV and that of the 67 percent that don't, 30 percent are planning to purchase a second TV in the next year.

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7 user comments

117.11.2008 10:51

Just picked up the 2nd one for my household. With prices dropping and transition to DTV in February, there is a lot of talk amongst my peers that they too will take the plunge. The number should rise significantly after the transition date.

217.11.2008 11:42

Of course the market penetration is at an all-time high. At any given date it is going to be "at an all-time high". Do you think people are going to be trading in their HDTV's for SDTV's? The market penetration is ONLY going to get higher every month.

317.11.2008 20:15

I'm holding on to my tube, who nows it might come in handy. leagacy equipment can be the life of the new world

417.11.2008 21:02

Oh boy, that is one stupid headline. What genius came up with that one?!
You might as well add that the age of the universe is at an all time high. Now, if it had said that SALES of HD equipment were at an all-time-high...that would be somewhat more interesting

517.11.2008 22:49

When I read the word "penetration" in the title. My mind went straight in the gutter.

617.11.2008 23:09

Originally posted by slickwill:
When I read the word "penetration" in the title. My mind went straight in the gutter.
Not to worry playboy will make sure there's some HD penetration going on.

720.11.2008 09:49

Take out all the non 1080, 2000+ contrast ratio TVs, its not quite there yet maybe in another 2-3 years.

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