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Future Shop drops price on Zune

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Nov 2008 11:47 User comments (8)

Future Shop drops price on Zune

The popular Canadian retailer Future Shop has announced they have dropped the price of the Zune 8GB to $100 CAD, down from $150.
The deal will last for the next week on all colors and will prove to be a large undercut on American retailers and other Canadian retailers' current prices. As of September, Microsoft's official MSRP for the product is $150 CAD.

It is unclear whether Microsoft or Future Shop prompted the deal but it is odd to see a product at such a high discount while it is still relatively new and not a clearance item.

Future Shop is also selling the 120GB model Zune for $234 CAD, $16 CAD lower than the MSRP.

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8 user comments

115.11.2008 03:09

Make me wanna get one from them now.

215.11.2008 05:15

I want one, but my first Gen Zune is still good. Maybe I'll still get it.

317.11.2008 15:01

These guys don't ship to US???
So, what's the point? A handful of Canuk's get Zune's for $81 bucks? Big deal.

417.11.2008 15:03

And Oh, by the way... They're out of stock.

517.11.2008 22:27

Originally posted by ThePastor:
These guys don't ship to US???
So, what's the point? A handful of Canuk's get Zune's for $81 bucks? Big deal.
sorry if we like saving money. we should be throwing away our money in such an economic downfall. and no we dont ship to the us because futureshop = best buy and you guys have your own bestbest.

618.11.2008 07:02

Hold on to your britches!

This is only the beginning of the price wars. Apple has slashed their prices in the last few months by 30-40% and over 60% for the year. Sansa is comming on line with cheap and good mp3 players. This was before no one was buying much.

718.11.2008 14:45

I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, my point was that while an $81 dollar price is good, it's hardly an indicator of the future. The deal is limited to Canada only (hardly an international marketplace) and there are none in stock.
I was wondering why it was newsworthy...
And a bit peeved that I couldn't get one... <grin>

819.11.2008 07:07

I have seen them for 89USD and the 30G for 100USD. I think the prices will continue to slide. There is way too much competition and the echonomy is at a 50 year low.

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