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eMusic hits 250 millionth download

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Nov 2008 0:57 User comments (9)

eMusic hits 250 millionth download eMusic, one of the older online music subscription stores, has finally hit its 250 millionth download, 5 years after the store opened for business.
The company offers DRM-free MP3 downloads compatible with all players and for a steep discount compared to titan iTunes. A monthly plan costs about $12 USD and gives users 30 downloads per month, averaging out to 40 cents per song.

The number may seem low, especially in comparison to Apple which has sold 5 billion tracks since opening their store in 2003, but it is important to note that the store has a heavy focus on independents and only 4.5 million tracks.

Despite a small subscriber base of only 400,000, the company has remained profitable for years now.

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9 user comments

121.11.2008 17:10

isnt a lot compared to the fact that some people have about a thousand songs in their library.

222.11.2008 2:46

Well compared to the 10 billion illegal downloads that happened world wide in 2007. 250 million legal ones isn't that bad in these times of illegal file sharing and downloading. But over all it is still bad because in a 5 year comparison to just one year of the illegal downloads and file sharing there is still a 4=1 ratio of people obtaining FREE music over the ones who actually buy it! This is not a good thing because when looking at just a one year comparison of what itunes may have sold on average 16=1 (16 illegal songs being downloaded and shared vs. 1 legal one). There has to be a better method of streaming the buyers out there to purchase their music instead of just taking it for free!

324.11.2008 8:08

Ransack, the problem is .40 is still way too much to sell music. Music that sold for .10 on vinyl decades ago sells for 1.00. Once they stop treating customers like fools and sell music for a fair price is when the music industry will become wealthy. If torrents can give more diverse and better quality music for free there is something hugely wrong with the picture.

Don't say they need to sell music for a buck because of the license. That might be a little true for new music but not the old stuff. There is plenty of music that license was sold for lump sums ( a grand or two per tune). The industry and made their money back a thousand fold but insist on gouging the public. Only when they come to their senses can the music industry profit from digital music.

If they just sold pre 1965 music for .10 a tune, I think they would rake it in. They would need an excellent search engine. I bet they would make a killing on 78s.

426.11.2008 19:19

unless they put the price at 0$ n one is gonna buy music. and stay with downloading illegaly. i think most people would rather get something for free rather than pay for it. common sense

but then again some people will pay for music.

529.11.2008 13:16

narmo, I disagree. I suspect the number of people that will never pay is probably pretty close to the number that are paying what ever now. The bulk of the public would be happy to pay 10 per USD or an album per USD especially if the music was high quality the selection vast and the search engine was excellent. Much of the draw for P2P is quality and selection. The price is a big draw as well.

629.11.2008 13:57

I believe that Mez could be right and people will buy music depending on the price. But also depending on the conditions to as for where it is being sold at. The best way for a potential consumer to buy music would be at the shows that the artist perform at live on stage. Once a fan could see their favorite artist performing live they would want to take the merchandise home with them just the same as buying a t-shirt, poster or banner of their favorite artist. This is just common sense that a simple basic CD will sell in the 500% range once the artist is there performing. Only because the fan can see them and understand that the artist is getting what is deserved as for the profits of the music that they created rather than multiple middle man getting money from their art! In these times major record labels still believe that they can make something from mp3 online music or Store bought CD's they are crazy. With the fall of sales now into the 60% range and maybe more. The ONLY way that an artist's music will sell in comparison to 1980-2003 platinum numbers is at their Live performance shows!

730.11.2008 17:26

I bet if they recorded each live performance and added 10 dollars to the ticket for the tunes more than 10% would buy. You would get an email with a PIN and you would down load the music for 10 more you would get a CD mailed to you. I am certain my wife would buy the CD every time.

The music industry is pathetic. It would not be all that hard to do. They could make a lot of money. But I guess that is too hard for them. The audiance would want their performance not some other performance.

821.1.2009 23:22

I want some Credence Clearwater downloads. Please show me the way.

922.1.2009 7:50

There are guidelines as to what we can and can't do on these boards. I suspect you should have asked and we shouldn't answer. As I read your question I noticed in the window on the left there is an announcement for a new addition to the AD P2P software downloads. That is were you want to start. Down load some of those apps and ask questioins on their boards.

I will warn you P2P in the US is on borrowed time. Obama has envited the media maffia to into the White House to help make laws. Within a few years the FBI may be hacking into your computer looking for contraband. What is good for you is the media mafia as stopped hunting for persons to sue. Why pay millions for something that will be done for free in the near future? So for the next 6 months to a year no one will be hunting P2P users.

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