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Nokia's 'Comes With Music' has its DRM cracked

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2008 16:55 User comments (8)

Nokia's 'Comes With Music' has its DRM cracked A program called Tunebite promises to strip the DRM off your Nokia Comes With Music unlimited downloads, all for the one-time price of £17.50.
Comes With Music, an unlimited music download program that comes with certain Nokia handsets, has Microsoft-powered DRM, but it can be stripped easily with the program allowing users to keep the music forever.

The program works by playing the tracks at 54x speed while re-dubbing them as non-encrypted files. Using this method, the DRM is stripped within seconds, even for long songs.

Should be interesting how long the program is available before Nokia or Microsoft says something.

Tunebite available here

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8 user comments

111.12.2008 20:18

Tunebite has been around for a while. I tried it several years ago and did not like it. I hope it is better now. Nothing beat FairUse4WM and Mirakaji. I have no idea if that has been updated to work again, but it worked very efficiently when I had tons of DRM music.

211.12.2008 22:52

DRM-cracking software that isn't thanks. I understand that it takes work to crack these things but why bother. Waste of time altogether. Do not buy/get/use DRM music in the first place.

312.12.2008 7:14

Totaly agree with tatsh. Why bother buying something if you are going to break the rules? Why not just brake the rules and not spend alot of your time and money? Nokia can go f**k it self with drm. i would be fine with drm if they didnt call it buying since it is usualy renting.

412.12.2008 9:54

Gallegher is right, Tunebite is on the market for a few years now, but it has developed very much, since the first versions.
It works now at over 54x speed, converts a lot of formats and it really doesn´t "crack" DRM, but it rerecords the original files.
It also doesn´t work with illegaly copied files, only with legally bought ones

Why bother buying something if you are going to break the rules

I am merely using it to convert files, so that I can play them on other devices too, not to be restrained by the DRM to use them only on one PC.

512.12.2008 12:54

Good for them. Our music and we do what we want with it. DRM is ghetto and anti-american.

612.12.2008 16:30

DRM free forever !

USC Trojans Rule Forever !!!

713.12.2008 3:42

Funny considering that Real has had there music jacked via audio hijackers for years.

Nothing new it took them this long to notice this.

82.1.2009 5:19

converts a lot of formats and it really doesn´t "crack" DRM, but it rerecords the original files.


which is why it will no be sued.... though the DRM programs might make it harder to use, keep it from going faster than normal maybe?, you could always record while playing a DRM song to get a drm free file so all this is doing is speeding up the process

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