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'Kindle' rival coming soon

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Dec 2008 17:17 User comments (3)

'Kindle' rival coming soon According to a Cnet review, the new eSlick e-book reader from Foxit Software will hit early next year at a price cheaper than the current market leaders, the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle.
Due in early March, the eSlick will have an introductory price of $230 USD but will also be a pretty simple machine lacking built-in wireless. Foxit is a company known only for their excellent PDF software so the eSlick should read all PDFs without a hitch.

The device will use the same E-ink technology as its competitors and will come with a 2GB SD card for use in the available expansion slot.

Critics of the Kindle and the Reader have complained about the PDF support of each of the devices but Sony addressed concerns with its latest device, the PRS-700.

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3 user comments

125.12.2008 8:32

Awesome!! Some people might thin this is limited, but for me it's a god send. There are so many books I love to have with me, and many books that I have that I cannot take with me overseas. I have a book scanner and am constantly digitizing my own library. Each book varies from 30mb to 70mb (depending on length). I go back and forth to china, all the time. Bringing my whole bookshelf is impossible, but with something like this (currently unrivaled PDF usage for the price, I will buy this in a heartbeat.

28.1.2009 6:26

Ma sista reeds lots o' books ... Mabe she wud lik dis ...

314.3.2009 10:45

Changing the format of your PDF, TXT LIT and other texted files is a snap- you cannot be telling me you are forced to buy different products because the format isn't the one you'd normally use? Google is a great tool if you use it right. There are a hundred conversion utilites that change formats from ones you don't normally use to those you do. Personally I read ebooks on my old phaat sony PSP. Psp Ebook Creator turns text files into .jpg images (PEC is free utility-like so many others)- and I read the .jpg images like text pages easily- you can set the font and size of the text to exactly what you want it to be. I use foxit premium edition to change pdf to text. I mean the torrent sites are loaded with the necessary tools if you are on a budget.

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