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NY Governor Paterson wants to tax iTunes downloads

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Dec 2008 0:25 User comments (11)

NY Governor Paterson wants to tax iTunes downloads The New York Governor David Paterson has recently proposed a new way to cut down the hefty state budget deficit but has run into many criticisms over the proposed tax increases.
One of the more ridiculous increases is a 4 percent tax on any legally purchased music and movie downloads. All 99 cent downloads from the iTunes store would immediately become $1.03.

If passes, New York would become only the second state to impose a tax on digital downloads. New Jersey currently has an "iTunes Tax."

Critics note, probably correctly, that iTunes will see a slight sales drop from the New York area as consumers turn back to P2P and other means to get their music.

Aside from the iTunes tax, Governor Paterson wants to tax over 100 other entities, including an 18 percent tax on soda, a 4 percent tax on gym memberships, and a 5 percent tax on movie tickets.

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11 user comments

127.12.2008 0:51

what about tax on fresh air. when its coming any idea.

227.12.2008 0:53

I'm sorry, but what the HELL is this guy thinking?!?!?!? The state that has one of the largest cities in the world and a very high tax rate how can they have such a large deficit? I live in Mass... Ever hear of the blunder called the Big Dig? Suck it up boys...

327.12.2008 1:03

Uncontrolled spending by politicans have caused runaway budgets. When I, as a person, expierences a shortfall, I need to reign in my budget, as I have no taxing power. A responsible government needs to do the same. But, someone is bound to say, they are not a responsible government, and sadly, I must say they are quite right.

Just my thoughts


427.12.2008 1:27

He wants to tax soda in the state that has Pepsi's world headquarters in it. :shrug:

527.12.2008 3:07

Hey! How about a residential tax too...a $1/day tax for the privilege of being a resident of the state?

Besides a lot of obvious waste in government spending, many experts believe just eliminating most of the waste wouldn't give most state/local govts the funds needed to operate sufficiently, so I certainly understand why they want to think of new ways to fund, but to just start taxing a lot of little specific things is unfair.

'Sin' taxes I'm somewhat OK with (within reason), but to tax non-diet sodas when smoothies w/ 8+ times the calories are not just to try to punish gluttonous, overweight people seems too narrow-minded of a tax law. Also, entertainment taxes often end up hurting the businesses. A tax on gym memberships??? Are we talking actual gyms or bathhouses?

How about raising fees/fines for people who need to be parking/traffic tickets, etc.? How about allowing some (non-violent) people who should maybe go to jail for a couple months have the option of paying a hefty fine instead (thus also alleviating the cost of imprisoning them). How about not having non-essential 'parties' at ANY government building (Gov's mansion included) and when having essential ones, not have extravagant meals/catering at them. Not Swanson dinners, but no fancy imported meat dinners w/ foie gras and caviar either. Unless you're hosting a foreign dignitary or the like, there's no need for you to be living so much better than your avg constituent. How about not travelling so much too??? Making appearances just for the sake of an appearance is a waste...just let people know you might not be seeing them very often for the purpose of saving taxpayer money.

627.12.2008 11:33

must have caught the attorney generals crazy

besides the tax will be struck down in court almost immediately (it's interstate commerce)

727.12.2008 11:38

Supposedly he is/wants to tax people who have cows..... Cause they release methane... I'd go and drive them all over NYC...

827.12.2008 13:59

Seems as if the Governor is blind in more ways than one.

928.12.2008 0:05

How about all the politicians take a cut in pay (worldwide) and cut all those silly worthless jobs ( you know, the ones that have 10 managers and 20 assistant managers who must think that they are the only people that know what to do, which in turn would mean the non manager joe bloggs doesnt know what they are doing )that will free up a few gazzilion gold bars, for the economy.
Get all those bloody PROJECT MANAGERS out on the street. Make em all walk the plank!!!!
Yours faithfully,
joe bloggs.

108.1.2009 9:21

This guy is a Joke!!!

He also wants to put an Obesity tax on soda and "junk food". I say stop giving huge raises to these useless politicians and redirect the money to areas where it's really needed. What's next? Tax on sending emails?

1110.1.2009 3:17

They still want to prevent piracy right?

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