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Refurb $99 iPhones go on sale from AT&T

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Dec 2008 20:57 User comments (7)

Refurb $99 iPhones go on sale from AT&T $99 USD Apple iPhones are finally a reality, but not from Wal-Mart as many anticipated.
American iPhone exclusive carrier AT&T has begun selling refurbished 8GB iPhones for $99 and 16GB for $199 USD. At Wal-Mart, the 8GB model sells for $2 less than MSRP, at $197.

The refurbished iPhones will remain on sale until the end of the year or until supply runs out, whatever occurs first, added the carrier.

In terms of quality, the "iPhones were either unused or lightly used and were returned during their 30-day trial period. The phones may have minor scratches but otherwise are in great condition."

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7 user comments

129.12.2008 21:18

to bad you cant just buy the phone for 99 by itself though. i have cingular, but do not need the stupid data package and dont feel like spending the 200+ on ebay for one.

230.12.2008 11:32

The data package is only $40 dollars for unlimited internet. However, they do get you in that the package no longer has texting included, you need to get that as a whole other package. I can't complain really.

330.12.2008 12:17

the data package needs to be optional as i do not want/need it. i just want the darn phone, lol.

431.12.2008 2:00

Question is are these the 3G iPhones or the original iPhones that they're selling? The article doesn't state.

531.12.2008 8:26

when i was on cingulars site, i believe they stated they were the 3g ones.

67.1.2009 0:39

As of today at least they're $149 plus need a new 2 year

77.1.2009 11:26

Originally posted by Cthulthu:
As of today at least they're $149 plus need a new 2 year
Thats ridiculous, you might aswel get a brand new one paying that amount and STILL with a 2 year contract.

Oh yeah and that no text in any plan at all is bullshit. Atleast give like 100 free, talk about bleeding your customers dry.

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