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Dolby bringing 3-D to Blu-ray

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2009 13:02 User comments (7)

Dolby bringing 3-D to Blu-ray Dolby Laboratories, the company best known for its audio technologies, has proposed a new 3-D video technology for Blu-ray movies, following recent proposals from Panasonic and Philips.
The company will give a "first peek" of the technology at the upcoming CES show.

According to CDRInfo, "the technology, which uses a checkerboard pixel pattern similar to techniques employed in current 3-D-ready digital TVs from Mitsubishi and Samsung, can be used with active or passive 3-D glasses. It would work on any 3-D enabled TV with a standard Blu-ray player."

There was no word on when Dolby would release any consumer products using the 3-D technology.

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7 user comments

15.1.2009 14:01

Blue ray 3 D, now how cool is that !


25.1.2009 15:42

I guess it is truly the final frontier,I mean what can you do after this??

35.1.2009 16:29

So is this good or bad for the porn industry. Not only will we see stretch marks but anything n everything. Let's get this part out the way(perv homo newb kid flamer) ok . Personally blue rays one weakness is motion blur with dark knight being the example minus the IMAX scenes such were outstanding. This tech would be useless for videogames but movies ?

45.1.2009 17:14

i Wouldn't trust Dolby Digital with my audio, why would i trust them with my video.

55.1.2009 18:07

its about time we get 3D. next, we'll be able to talk to your relatives using holograms.

65.1.2009 18:07

double post. =X

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75.1.2009 23:55

I'm sure it will give me a headache....and a pocketbook ache...

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