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Nokia stopped production of N810 WiMax

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 08 Jan 2009 7:18 User comments (3)

Nokia stopped production of N810 WiMax The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has ended the production of its only WiMax device. It's another nail in the coffin for WiMax in the battle against the more widely adopted Long-Term Evolution (LTE).
"We have ramped down the N810 WiMax Edition tablet. It has reached the end of its lifecycle," said a Nokia spokesperson. It is unusual for a product to have a lifecycle as short as N810 Wimax had. Even the trendiest of models tend to be on the market at least a year.

Canadian Nortel Networks Corp has estimated that approximately 80 percent of the mobile phone providers will shift towards LTE and the rest will go for WiMax.

According to Reuters Nokia has not ruled out future WiMax models. "We will continue to follow the technology and its evolution," the Nokia representative said.

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3 user comments

18.1.2009 18:35

Aww... I thought it was cool too...

Guess I'm gonna have to get that fake iPhone with Windows Mobile 6.0 on it after all, lol :P

28.1.2009 19:16

Never saw it, so I can't say about it's popularity in the US

319.1.2009 5:33

sooooo bummed! i waited for this thing to come out for 9 months, and then i get told that they're cutting it because it only had "WiMax" capabilities in Baltimore, Maryland. wtf is this sh*t?



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