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Vertor offers index of verified torrents

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2009 4:17 User comments (10)

Vertor offers index of verified torrents A new service called Vertor launched recently with a goal to make the BitTorrent protocol even more popular, easy-to-use and reliable. It uses an automatic system to download content from various BitTorrent sources and verify that the contents are real and safe. The downloads are snagged by an array of 5 servers, running on dual-core technology with 8GB of RAM each currently.
Vertor has a number of ways to avoid adding a bad torrent to its database...
  • When a torrent file is retrieved it is queued on the servers for download. If the download does not start after a number of attempts, a "download error" status is tagged and the torrent file is not added to the database.
  • If the download turns out to be an archive (or set of common archives), the system will decompress the data and create a file list. If this fails, the content is marked as "protected" and is not added to the database.
  • If the download includes video content, the system will automatically take screenshots from the files. If the screenshots are blank, then the downloads are marked as DRM protected and not added.
  • If the download contains audio content, small chunks of the data is cut for verification purposes.
  • If a text file is determined to contain a description of the contents, it is saved and is downloadable for users on the site.
The Vertor system can also determine if the downloaded content contains viruses or other malicious files. It is certainly a clever concept and it will be interesting to see how it evolves as a service.

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10 user comments

116.1.2009 5:26

Yea we already read this over at RLSLOG when they paid Martin to advertise for them.
A few common posters over there downloaded a few torrents and found viruses in them.

How much did they pay AfterDawn for this advert?

216.1.2009 10:26

Originally posted by hikaricor:
How much did they pay AfterDawn for this advert?
$2.50, pack of gum (spearmint, yummy!) and an unused bus ticket! All tax free!!1!

With only five million unique visitors per month, we're constantly begging for companies to pay for us to write news about them. In fact, been doing that for a decade now ... I think at least 9,000 of our 16,000+ news items during the past 10 years have been nothing but paid advertisements. It's actually unheard of in our line of business to write news articles on interesting press releases -- instead, we prefer to get shady lump sums of several dollars in exchange of our work.

316.1.2009 10:29

I would have at least held out for a pack of doublemint dRD! ;)

416.1.2009 10:30

Thanks dRD
Needed a good chuckle this morning.

20 Years ago I saw you yesterday, Youre looking at the picture now.
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Say what you want, Time will always tell the truth.

516.1.2009 13:03

i dont know, i still think its a little too much of a coincidence. You wrote about a new service that was advertisd on another website too?
sounds fishy

616.1.2009 13:23

regardless the site sucks its nothing but lame scene thief axxo rips

hikaricor: thanks when i read this article i was like "where did i just hear this get plugged" lol

716.1.2009 18:23

I'm ever so happy that someone gets my humor, a 2nd ban for no reason would have really been annoying. ^_^

817.1.2009 1:02

at the price of gum today you got a steal.too bad that bus ticket
won't get you to bermuda god i wish i had that ticket it's awfully hot down here.really,really hot!!! never trust the authority.

917.1.2009 16:09

Originally posted by hikaricor:
a 2nd ban for no reason would have really been annoying. ^_^
Just checked, once was for ignoring forum rules and more importantly the second one was for racist remarks, in a News item no less. Hopefully you've seen the error of your ways now.

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1023.5.2009 11:24

Hummm...I have used Vertor and have gotten several new released movies. So far so good! I have not ran into any problem such as viruses or corrupt files just yet.

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