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Hulu rival adds more premium content

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2009 18:01 User comments (4)

Hulu rival adds more premium content CBS has boosted their lineup this week, adding the popular Showtime hits Dexter and Californication to its free streaming library.
There was no word on how many episodes would be added, and for how long, but most likely they will include the first season of each show and some of the recent episodes, all for free with ad-supports.

In an effort to compete with the very popular Hulu streaming website, the site was given an overhaul last month with a new design and tons of new premium content ranging from "24" to "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

The NYTimes reported that they expect CBS, the conglomerate which owns the site, to announce major deals with PBS, Sony, MGM and Endemol as soon as Monday.

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4 user comments

116.1.2009 19:38

There needs to be more sites like hulu, run by the tvstations. I don't have cable tv, why? To be honest I don't think it's worth paying $40 a month for something I watch at most one hour a day.

I just have high-speed internet, and at least with sites like hulu, the tv stations can still make some money vs just downloading the show.

218.1.2009 19:11

Why can't these guys just join up with Hulu? I can watch Hulu on my TV using PlayOn and my Xbox 360 with ZERO problems. I don't think is supported yet.

Its cool that they are adding Showtime shows. They need to put Weeds up. I don't have any problems watching it Hulu style so they can get some money, but right now i'm just doing it via Megavideo, which they get ZERO money from.

325.1.2009 16:54

Heck I get to watch these shows through media center lolol
as well as every episode of arrested developement
So i dont seee what the big deal is

431.1.2009 2:12

Is it the "watered down for public TV" Dexter or the Real Showtime production Dexter?

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