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Dish Network adds 1080p programming to IP-DVR

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 19 Jan 2009 14:27 User comments (4)

Dish Network adds 1080p programming to IP-DVR Perhaps the most controversial decision in the early days of HDTV standards was the use of interlacing at the highest resolution (1080i). The introduction of Blu-ray and HD DVD also brought the standardization of progressive content (1080p) which has been responsible for the introduction of many more HDTVs capable of displaying these signals. Now Dish Network has brought 1080p to their online Video On Demand (VOD) service.
Dish Network's IP-VOD service is similar to offerings from cable companies, but due to the lack of interactivity inherent in satellite communication it requires a DVR and broadband internet connection. Subscribers with a MPEG-4 HD DVR will now be able to get A&E's new series The Beast in 1080p.

"We are thrilled to work with A&E in pioneering these efforts by taking television to the next level using 1080p format," said Jessica Insalaco, DISH Network's Chief Marketing Officer. "As the first pay-TV provider to first offer VOD movies and now offer a TV series in 1080p, DISH Network continues to lead the industry when it comes to delivering the best quality programming options, DVR technology and overall value for our customers."

Although the satellite VOD offerings from Dish Network and DirecTV aren't capable of precisely emulating the experience of their cable counterparts, using receivers designed specifically for their services does give them an advantage when it comes to non-standard features like 1080p.

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4 user comments

120.1.2009 1:31

So let me ask this. After the first year of having them or Direct TV and their service are they any cheaper than say having Comcast's ?

It just doesnt' make sense to have something that

requires broadband internet connection

on top of having their service.

If your going to get broadband you might as well bundle all three things from someone like Comcast and save more right ?
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220.1.2009 3:19

Responding to bundle.

The bundle is an introductory offer. You pay for it in the end. It's like a bad adjustable mortgage, in my view. It's ok until the rates go up! I'm not negotiating to keep my house. Wouldn't it be great if you could just get the HD Channels for less than the intro price of cable TV. Hmmm...

The home phone service could be replaced with magic jack or a bigger cell plan.
The cable companies money maker is their internet. You have to pay full for the internet.

You just bet the bundle, and got what you wanted all the time.

323.1.2009 19:47


If your going to get broadband you might as well bundle all three things from someone like Comcast and save more right ?

AT&T's U-Verse is sub contracted to Dish Network so you can get AT&T Home Phone,Cell Phone,Internet,and TV. So your actually bundling 4 things instead of 3. Then again it seems like more people are dropping home phone service for cell service.

425.1.2009 13:00

Dish Network is a waste of time. They don't even offer ABC in my area anymore due to some dispute. I'll be moving over to a fios bundle.

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