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Xbox 360 Netflix client reaches 1 million customers

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2009 15:46 User comments (4)

Xbox 360 Netflix client reaches 1 million customers Today Microsoft announced that 1 million Xbox LIVE customers have downloaded and activated the Netflix streaming video application. The Netflix client makes it possible to stream that company's Watch Instantly content through the Microsoft console.
The announcement serves as a sort of exclamation point to Netflix's performance last year. Despite the economic problems their customer base experienced, Netflix announced surprisingly strong growth during the fourth quarter. The client is available to anyone with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Access to Watch Instantly content also requires a Netflix subscription.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings credits much of that growth on their success in establishing partnerships with consumer electronics companies. This has allowed them to get their client added to set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and even HDTVs.

Their deal with Microsoft is potentially an even bigger deal in the game console competition. While Netflix support is available in a range of Blu-ray players, TVs, and other devices, they've made an exclusive deal with Microsoft. For now the Xbox 360 will be the only console whose users will get it.

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4 user comments

15.2.2009 16:41

Great! Now increase the watch instantly content before you lose those customers!

25.2.2009 17:23

Exactly. How many of those one million people uninstalled it? I did and switched to Blockbuster. Netflix is cool over xbox live but video quality is not great and the titles available are pretty limited. Since they are so slow with new releases through the mail I had to swith. I can get 5 free from Blockbuster every month so I get new releases right away.

35.2.2009 20:18

big deal with lowball bandwidth caps comming north america they are going be another failed business with streaming video.

46.2.2009 9:05

That is exactly why I also stopped using it, I do have a fast connection so the quality is top notch and you can't expect some older movies and tv shows to be uber quality anyway. The aspect ratios wont always match and it looks better on my 32" than on the 42" but you guys are exactly right, Netflix needs to add their entire library to streaming or at least every single new release. I will pick it back up in a couple months when the releases pick back up a little. Cant fault the GUI or that this is even offered, I think it is a win either way and giving customers the choice to get more from their electronics for 8.99 a month in my eyes is a good thing.

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