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Microsoft smartphone coming soon?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Feb 2009 16:34 User comments (7)

Microsoft smartphone coming soon? According to a new analyst report, Nvidia's Tegra chipset will be used in a new Microsoft smartphone
Doug Freedman, of Broadpoint AmTech said: "We believe the HTC ramp in '09 is the more material of the two as we have some concerns on the channel for Microsoft's handset distribution given the lack of prior carrier relationships/handset qualification history."

However, "it could turn out to be...a reference design Microsoft has used. That could be possible. But we've also picked up that Microsoft is working on a phone themselves," he added.

Microsoft, as is standard, has denied the report: "Microsoft has no plans to make a phone," noted Microsoft's director of Windows Mobile, Scott Rockfeld. "Our core focus has been and will continue to be providing software plus services and working with our partners to deliver great phones. Our partners have been integral in our success to date, and we are excited about the innovation we are bringing to the market together."

"We continue to collaborate with Nvidia on the delivery of innovative solutions that move the smartphone industry and the consumer experience forward,"
he concluded.

Freedman based his information on the "supply chain that's working on the release of the product," and says a phone could be done in six months.

Tegra is aimed at smartphones using Windows Mobile.

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7 user comments

16.2.2009 21:05

this doesn't surprise me in the least, the Iphone is hurting for sales. what better time to unveil the MSphone with there own OS platform, and because it is there own OS they would be exempt from paying licensing fee's.

I am still a blackberry fan, always will be.

26.2.2009 23:25

not interested, one phone, that does it all for me so far is the Iphone.

36.2.2009 23:56

Must say, I have the Blackjack first generation with Windows Mobile 5, and I'm quite impressed with the stuff I can do with it. I can sync Hotmail to my phone, use Live Search to find addresses, directions and phone numbers (w/one touch calling) sync my Outlook Calendar, and tether my data connection via USB or Bluetooth as an AP/Modem for my laptop's internet connection.

Not to downplay the iPhone or Blackberry, but until I can do all of the above with one or the other (Hotmail can only be done with a special plugin for WM) then I'm turned off by those otherwise amazing devices.

Let's see what MS tries to do from here. Should be interesting since they provide WM to a number of Smartphone makers. I'd bet any money they will partner up with a provider (Verizon or T-Mobile?) and a manufacturer (Motorola?)

47.2.2009 4:43

iPhone rulez, i am not interested in microsoft smartphone

57.2.2009 5:40

Windows Mobile 6.1 Rocks, Windows Live built in, most of the htc phones have built in GPSs, so your not relighing on network and data charges all the time to get location (sat nav). Ive had HTC's phone's for the last 4 year, i looked at the iphone but im always drawn back to the proper sat nav in a htc phone, the slide out qwerty keyboard, the external memory card option and not forgetting the cheaper replacement parts, as to me its more about what its capable of and not how flash it looks. Nvidia have been talking about releasing a chipset for a phone for a long time, however i see the future being more with a multicore ARM chipset, which is going to allow the masive back catalogue of arm based windows mobile software out there still work on the more modern phones. Ok the Iphones flashier, but when it comes down to core functionality there isnt another platform that comes close, that can do as much. This is probably largely due to WM's 7 year head start over Android or Apple.

68.2.2009 10:24

I have to admit, I do like my windows based phone. I had been a Blackberry user for years, but had one break and needed a phone that day and all that was available at the store (smartphone wise anyway) was the samsung Blackjack 2. which runs on windows 6. And I really enjoy it. The windows operating system seems to have cut out some of the useless stuff that the BBs had. Plus word, and excel seem to run a little smoother on it also.
I wish something would come out and give iphones a reality check, It's not the phone thats so great, it's the 3rd party applications.
The phone itself is basic, and way overpriced, your mearly paying for the I

717.2.2009 21:33

I'm really only a big fan of my WM6.1 HTC Mogul because I have my cooked custom ROM on it lol. The features are great but I'm looking forward to the Palm Pre.

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