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Samsung unleashes the Omnia HD phone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Feb 2009 17:14 User comments (10)

Samsung unleashes the Omnia HD phone This week at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has been busy. First, the company batted off rumors that its upcoming Android phone was delayed and then released the world's first ever commercial solar-powered touchscreen phone.
Stealing the show however was the Omnia HD, which has the ability to record video in HD resolutions and can play back the video on any HDTV.

The phone has a large 3.7 inch touchscreen and is based on the Symbian S60 5.0 software. The screen resolution is an impressive 640x360, but that also obviously means the HD video playback on the device will be scaled down.

The phone achieves the HD video recording with the use of a 8-megapixel camera and also adds support for GPS, Wi-Fi and HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access). Supported download speeds are 7.2Mbps and 5.76Mbps depending on your access.

Perhaps even more notably, the phone can playback DivX and Xvid files, allowing for easy AVI playback. The phone has 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 32GB using the microSDHC card slot.

There was no word on pricing but the company noted the phone will be released in the Q2 2009.

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10 user comments

116.2.2009 17:19

well slap my ass and call me Mary !
*jaw drops on the floor..drools*

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216.2.2009 17:41

this is the second generation of the omnia i900.

the i900 was everything that the iphone is, plus more. memory card, changeable battery, multi format playback, better camera, etc..

this will kill the iphone as far as quality and features, but it will definitely be more than 200 bucks. id willingly pay 500-600 for this rather than 200 for an iphone.

316.2.2009 18:19

Wow features are really nice, at least for the market in the U.S.

416.2.2009 20:08

looks good!

516.2.2009 20:35

Lets just hope they dont have an expensive data plan and the phone itself isnt extremely expensive....

617.2.2009 9:22

Curious as to what the final price of this little gadget will be.

718.2.2009 5:49

I assume no-one's heard of the HTC Touch HD then.. 800 x 480 resolution screen, microSD slot, 5mp camera, 3G, HSDPA, GPS.. I believe it's been on the market since November. I'd happily choose one of these with WinMo software over a Samsung with Symbian. I'd only get one for the camera :P

818.2.2009 12:44

:-O Plays Divx/Xvid! I'd get it for that alone.

918.2.2009 22:49

Personally , I had several Samsung phone, and i HATE IT, I dont know about the touch screen ones, but to me they are so uncomfortable to use, the "heat-sense" phone button bother the crap outta me when i had my samsung u600, still piece of crap, the head phone adapter keep falling off, music player was hard to use even though i got use to it after a long time but still, the head set adapter was falling off still. I dont know about this phone, it looks sweet, looks awsome, great specs, but you know what, i am still not interested.

1022.2.2009 12:34

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