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LimeWire signs content deals

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2009 3:19 User comments (7)

LimeWire signs content deals LimeWire has signed multiple content agreements today, namely with TuneCore, CBS Records, Kufala Recordings, Delicious Vinyl, CBS Records, Kemado Records, and the Fader Label.
The deals are licensing deals tied to the paid downloads LimeWire Store, the legal part of the infamous P2P client.

DMN adds that the deals will bring artists Crowded House, Soul Coughing, Brand New Heavies, Tone Loc, Young MC, The Pharcyde, and Saul Williams, among others, to the Store.

Whether fans will pay for content from a site so strongly associated with piracy remains to be seen but its a step in the right direction for the company.

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7 user comments

125.2.2009 13:42

LimeWire sucks... Unless I was using it wrong or something, every time I searched a song the search was always full of porn and weird crap... Just annoying...

225.2.2009 13:51

Limewire is *very* heavily monitored by law enforcement. Moreso than any other P2P app.

325.2.2009 14:25

How many times is the author going to mention CBS Records?

425.2.2009 18:04

I thought Limewire was dead. I haven't looked at it since I discovered torrents.

525.2.2009 23:07

Damn! I guess the chaos within the music industry is so bad on the sales end that some record labels have to join Limewire in order of achieving potential sales. This says a lot of what has been happening with the music industry as for fallen sales over the last decade.

627.2.2009 15:24

This is not going to work clear and simple once a p2p goes down this route everyone stops using it.
e.g. KAZAA.

73.3.2009 1:18

You gotta be kidding me. Crowded House? Brand New Heavies? Young MC? Wow those are some top notch artists if I've ever heard of any. This no-name label may be desperate enough to deal with the devil but none of the big 4 are gonna come within miles of a p2p site as well known as LImewire. As far as I"m concerned this isn't even newsworthy. I mean come on! What percentage of Limewiere users are gonna bother paying for something that can more easily and quickly be obatained by typing the info in the search boxes and having it in seconds? Unless LImewiere goes completely legit, in which case everyone will leave, no artists or label of any cultural or commercial relevance will give them the time of day.

Perhpas it's not so much who the artists or labels are that they teamed up with, as much as it is that they've teamed up with anyone at all. This way when ever they next get sued, they can point to this agreement as proof that they're offering a legal alternative. They won't be believed but that's what they're defense will be anyhow. A huge ha ha is all I can say about this story.

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