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New iPhone OS rumored to get Copy/Paste

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2009 13:39 User comments (6)

New iPhone OS rumored to get Copy/Paste Perhaps the most glaring ommission in the iPhone's OS is support for Copy/Cut and Paste. Despite overwhelming demand for this standard feature of every modern OS, Apple hasn't deemed it important enough to implement in the first two generations of the phone.
According to Digg’s Kevin Rose this is going to change in the next version of the iPhone OS. Rose described the feature yesterday at SXSW Interactive, a companion to the SXSW music and film festivals held in Austin, TX.

We may know very soon if Rose's information is correct since Apple will reportedly be giving a preview tomorrow of the new iPhone features they're working on.

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6 user comments

116.3.2009 15:37

at last!!!

216.3.2009 16:10

I wouldn't be surprised if they implement copy/cut and paste into the iPhone because it seems like users have been asking for it since day one.

316.3.2009 17:58

I don't really know much about the IPhone, let along held one in my hand, but it's pretty laughable that the OS for the phone doesn't have copy/cut/paste functionality.

416.3.2009 19:28

I have one thing to say. IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMMED TIME! I mean if not that AT LEAST picture messaging or txt forwarding! I'm sorry about almost 2 years of being an iPhone user not even the apps cool my jets about it. Especially that I've gone through two iphones since apple is cheap about their warranty.

516.3.2009 22:15

Thats gonna be a $10 app. D'oh!

618.3.2009 10:53

Jailbreak my friends... I can't claim I'm all knowing when it comes to an iPhone, but I've found programs for picture messaging and copy and paste... The program for MMS does cost $8 but is well worth it. I'm not trying to advertise but share the knowledge of it, it is a pain in the rearend to set up initially but after it works wonders, and works like MMS on any old phone... SwirlyMMS guys and girls, look it up...

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