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SanDisk's slotRadio device coming next week

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Mar 2009 22:16 User comments (4)

SanDisk's slotRadio device coming next week SanDisk has announced a release date for its highly anticipated upcoming Sansa slotRadio player, setting the launch date for March 31st.
The player will retail for $100 USD and will come with a microSD preloaded with 1000 "popular songs from every common genre on the Billboard charts." The files will be DRM-crippled however, and will only work in the player. Users can play any music they want using their own loaded microSD cards. The player also has a small OLED screen and an FM tuner built-in.

SanDisk has also been selling full albums on microSD cards, dubbed the slotMusic collection.

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4 user comments

123.3.2009 0:41

this would have been a great idea and a good cd player competitor if sandisk makes large libraries worth of these micro-sd albums. sadly, they are a few years behind on this because mp3 players are in now. they should just concentrate on improving their sansas.

223.3.2009 11:31

Sounds really cool.

34.4.2009 9:38

You would need a magnifying glass to look at the cover art !

44.4.2009 23:03

I agree too with dragnandy. Its seem a little too late for Sansa to compete with MP3/iTunes. Good to see that at least they have a way to get 1000 songs on a small card, and good to see that they have FM radio on their tiny player, though I hope that the radio will get good reception in a rural area. . .

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