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Netflix raises Blu-ray subscription price by 20 percent

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Mar 2009 23:24 User comments (11)

Netflix raises Blu-ray subscription price by 20 percent Netflix has announced today that they will be raising the price of subscriptions that keep Blu-ray rentals active by 20 percent beginning on April 27th.
Prices for standard definition service will remain the same, and those who currently pay $1 USD extra for Blu-ray services can disable Blu-ray access to save on the price hike.

The company says it will use the additional revenue to increase its current 1300-strong Blu-ray library and "keep up with costs associated with the growing Blu-ray contingent."

Netflix says there are now over 1 million subscribers that have Blu-ray disc rental enabled.

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11 user comments

131.3.2009 0:30

If the 20% hike is from the $1 than it's not too bad considering Blu-ray disks are more expensive than DVDs for the moment. That only translates to an extra $14.40/year for Blu-ray vs an extra $12 pre-hike.

For Netflix this gets them an over $1,200,000 per year in fees for Blu-ray content. However, who knows how many of these disks they have to replace each year (and I'm not sure what they charge for damaged disks that get returned either).


231.3.2009 0:44

For me this is a big difference. At the three out-at-a-time plan, I was paying the $16.99 a month plus $1 extra for unlimited blu-ray rentals. I now will have to pay an additional $3 ( I assume they are doing this based on the number of discs you can have out at a time ). So an extra $4 a month for blu-ray rentals adds up pretty quick. I will be on the $17 plan but paying $21 a month....Even if I'm renting nothing but blu-ray movies, I'm not sure its worth it. Netflix has been pretty good in the past about keeping competitive rates, so I'm hoping this rate increase won't last long.

331.3.2009 1:03

Netflix better be careful. I have them and enjoy them, especially the online movies--although they certainly need more.

If they get too expensive, which can happen quickly, they will lose out to someone else.

431.3.2009 1:31

So... if this is worded the way it looks... you get to pay extra just because you have this enabled, not because you rent just blu-ray. No thanks!

If you rent both blu-ray and DVD you get charged the same as if you rent just blu-ray. Sounds iffy.

531.3.2009 1:34

Originally posted by gallagher:

If they get too expensive, which can happen quickly, they will lose out to someone else.
Who are they going to loose out to? Your local Blockbuster or Hollywood video? What do they charge these days for just one 5 day rental? Probably more than what it's going to cost for you to add the highest priced plan for Blu-ray's.
This is what it costs:
3 Blu-ray's out at-a-time (exchange each Blu-ray as often as you want) additional $4 a month

Who knows for those that don't rent that many from Netflix it might not be worth it. But can't you change your plan when ever you like? They don't lock you in right ?

631.3.2009 8:45

I'm not crazy about having to pay $36.00 more a year, but it also won't force me to get a second job. My gripe is and always has been, is the fact that when a new Blu-ray comes out. I am force to wait a month or two before its available, that is just unacceptable. I'll wait 6 months to see if these wait times still persist if so then its back to regular dvds. Why pay more for crappy service. Get your act together Netflix before you become the next Blockbuster!

731.3.2009 15:56

I went with Blockbuster about a month ago. I get almost all the new Blu Ray movies (at a cheaper price)but the mail time is slow. If you send a movie back any later than Tuesday, then you probably won't see another movie for a week. They base their whole business on you going in and exchanging in their stores.

So with Netflix, you pay more for a new product that is never available. And with Blockbuster, you pay less for a product that takes forever to get in the mail. Pretty much a lose, lose.

831.3.2009 17:06

Let's show Netflix, and BB by going back to VHS! GO MICHIGAN STATE!

91.4.2009 9:00

i use to have Blockbuster, but then i cancel it when i discover RedBox
it cost only $1 plus sale tax for a DVD for one night

102.4.2009 12:27

I just took blu-ray off of my account. I love netflix and I didn't mind the $1 hike, but now they raised it again in a pretty short amount of time. It looks like they will be doing this every once in a while. If enough people disable blu-ray even temporarily, they would have to bring the price back down.

112.4.2009 16:24

Netflix raised their Blu-ray prices more than 20%. They emailed me and told me it was going from $1 per month to $4 per month, that is a 400% raise in price. I disabled the Blu-ray, the few titles they have just aren't worth it.

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