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T-Mobile G3 revealed

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Apr 2009 17:51 User comments (7)

T-Mobile G3 revealed According to GSMarena, the mysterious Android-based Huawei phone first showed off during the MWC 2009 event will in fact be the anticipated T-Mobile G3.
The phone itself has a large touch screen and will include no QWERTY keyboard in its slim design. The device will have 3G support as well as Wi-Fi support and an impressive 5MP camera. The only other known details are that the device will have a 3.5-mm headphone jack, Bluetooth connectivity, and obviously, the latest Android platform.

There was no word on price but expected release is the Q3 2009.

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7 user comments

19.4.2009 19:00

i have to say that the G3 does look very similar to the iphone. however, i do prefer this design over the iphone, it looks more sleek and i like how the whole front screen blends in. i will be excited to see what this phone can do.

i thought that t-mobile did not support 3G, yet this phone does. is this a hint that t-mobile will have 3G support before Q3 2009?

29.4.2009 20:35

Wow that is just way to much like the iphone! T-mobile does have a g3 network in Seattle and has had it for a while, not sure about the rest of the country.

39.4.2009 21:57

T-mobile has 3G networks in over 60 cities nationwide, and according to their website, they are expanding their coverage every day.

49.4.2009 23:13

Can't wait to see the price D:

510.4.2009 0:49

well apparently, 3G data plan for t mobile came out last year during the summer. i guess im a year late, lol!

624.4.2009 7:32

This has to be one of the best looking phones i've ever seen! Also, if you think about it, it looks nothing like the i-phone alot of phones have that shape!!

724.4.2009 7:57

I've been paying for my unlimited data plan for two years now, since they came out with the Wing. I already sent T-Mobile a message...."How much do I have to pay for the G3 and do I long do I need to extend my contract".

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