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All Beatles albums to be digitally re-mastered

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2009 21:39 User comments (7)

All Beatles albums to be digitally re-mastered Last month, MTV and Harmonix announced that 'The Beatles: Rock Band' was coming on September 9th, marking the first time the iconic band's music would ever be available digitally.
Today, Apple Corp. announced that the game's release would get a marketing push as the label will be releasing all 12 of The Beatles albums digitally re-mastered for the first time ever on the same date.

The game will be available on all three major consoles at launch, the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Sony Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. As with previous Rock Band games, existing instruments will work flawlessly with the game.

The game itself will sell for $59 USD, with a version bringing a special edition guitar selling for $99 USD and finally a full special edition band kit for $250 USD.

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7 user comments

110.4.2009 22:32

$250 for the full band kit...thats gonna sell out.

211.4.2009 3:02

gotta be honest... really didnt care for the Beatles.

311.4.2009 5:00

I wonder if they will release new instruments for the UK market or will we still be using RB1 instruments. RB2 has finally been released in the UK but no instruments. Surely this is a strange marketing ploy. I can purchase the add on cymbal thingys but can't use them . Sort it out MTV/Harmonix you are losing sales.

412.4.2009 13:43

I really hate Apple Corp. Blood sucking villains.

Search "Two of Us Productions" (TOUP) for proper remasters. Not only that, they are surround sound as well. (Something that Apple Corp. has yet to provide to fans)

512.4.2009 14:33

The Beatles have some pretty good songs. This sure sounds cool!

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic RED v.30

613.4.2009 6:46

In a sensible world.. these 40+ year old recordings would be public domain..

Why remaster them anyway? I have lots of original mono vinyl.. and they sound great.. exactly as they were intended.

713.4.2009 7:54

Varnull, I think the age of "Public Domain" music and media is doomed, as long as they can suck a single cent out of a carcass, they will hold onto it. Remastering just means transferring into digital, perhaps a minor tweek here and there. (Marketing Ploy)
By the way, welcome back. Remember, well behaved women seldom make history. =)

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