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Time Warner to offer uncapped "Turbo" Internet access for $150

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2009 21:20 User comments (17)

Time Warner to offer uncapped "Turbo" Internet access for $150 Time Warner Cable, one day after mapping out upcoming bandwidth caps for its Internet users, has added that there will also essentially be an unlimited, uncapped tier, costing $150 USD a month.
Landel Hobbs, COO of Time Warner Cable, added: "Some recent press reports about our four consumption based billing trials planned for later this year were premature and did not tell the full story. With that said, we realize our communication to customers about these trials has been inadequate and we apologize for any frustration we caused. We've heard the passionate feedback and we've taken action to address our customers' concerns."

"If we don't act, consumers' Internet experience will suffer," he notes. "Sitting still is not an option. That's why we're beginning the consumption based billing trials. It's important to stress that they are trials."

The initial trials of the caps will begin in Rochester, N.Y., and Greensboro, N.C., at the end of the summer and the tiers will work as follows:

- A 1 GB per month tier offering speeds of 768 Kbytes downstream/128 Kbytes upstream and costing $15 USD per month. Overage charges will be an extremely expensive $2 per GB per month. Hobbs said about 30 percent of all TWC users use less than 1 GB per month in total bandwidth.

-"Road Runner Lite, Basic, Standard and Turbo packages will include expanded bandwidth caps to 10, 20, 40 and 60 GB, respectively, for the same price. Overage charges will be $1 per GB per month."

- A 100GB capped Road Runner Turbo package which offers 10MB down/1MB up for $75 USD per month. Overage charges cost $1 per GB. For all tiers, overages are capped at $75 USD per month, which means "that for $150 per month customers could have virtually unlimited usage at Turbo speeds," Hobbs concluded.

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17 user comments

110.4.2009 21:30

I hope this doesn't trickle down to Bright House as this is BS. They offer high speeds, but don't wanna pay for the bandwidth. If you're going to cap me, fine... give me a discount equal to the cap.

210.4.2009 21:59

This is not the way to keep customers, let alone interest new ones, in a troubled economy. I encourage anyone with Time Warner as an ISP to switch ASAP. Make sure they know why you're switching too.

310.4.2009 22:22

That is ridiculous for 150 a month, its a clear cut way of having you not stream your movies, or tv shows online.

410.4.2009 22:34

$150 a month for *bleep* internet? What the *bleep*??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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510.4.2009 22:39

yeah,its all about cracking down on piracy.or is it just a cash grab?

610.4.2009 23:57

aldan i believe it both i think they want lose millions of customers so they can get some government bailout money. i think it's complete BS

711.4.2009 0:02

Originally posted by aldan:
yeah,its all about cracking down on piracy.or is it just a cash grab?
It's a cash grab. The same way the lowest tier broadband they offer is $40 (they haven't rolled out the above pricing and caps everywhere... yet.)

Think about it, it's been $40+ for about 7-8 years now at least, back when AOL was $25. The comparison versus value was valid for the pricing then, but not so much anymore.

TW's cable TV service is awful, they offer a higher priced version of Vonage, and now they want to pull this crap. Their customer service sucks, and I can go on and on about everything else. If they rollout these caps nationwide, I'll drop them in a heartbeat.

This pricing scheme is anti-consumer and I think all of these caps need to be investigated, especially in an age where everything is becoming broadband enabled and accessible from phones to on-demand television and online gaming. They're trying to pick your pockets before it's too late!

811.4.2009 1:20

Strangely enough, I just paid my Roadrunner bill this morning. They offered a 3 month trial of the "Turbo" speed a month ago and I took it. My bill would show a charge of $9.99 for turbo, then a credit for the same amount. This morning, it showed the same charge of $9.99 for turbo, but this time a credit of $8.99. I live in Texas, no where near their "trial" areas.

911.4.2009 4:10

HA! This has I-Tunes no DRM new pricing structure written all over it! Hey TW, why not give your CEO ANOTHER bonus!?!?!

1011.4.2009 7:06

Well, if you want to use our! internet to download our! movies you will have to pay. But if we catch you using our! internet to download our! movies we will still sue you

at this price it would be cheaper to pay for the films you download

1111.4.2009 7:39

damn i need to get their jobs so i can get paid for my bs , do these guys create their on servers if they do , let me wipe my butt with their bs printed papers for their servers , here in 21st newer technology is bulding for media, games and cooler stuff added in internet , and they twc guys are heading us in stone age internet

1211.4.2009 8:10

Originally posted by limelight:
$150 a month for *bleep* internet? What the *bleep*??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You'd be wise to watch the language in future.

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1311.4.2009 11:05

Holy crap... Their internet is way overpriced :S

1411.4.2009 11:49

I use to have have sbc DSL, it wasn't fast but it was broadband and I only paid $24.95 a month. All was fine for about 6 months, then I added long distance to my phone, this cause my internet plan to go up to $69.95 a month.
When I got a $100.00 phone/internet bill I cancel my phone and internet service the next day. The internet is a luxury and if they price it too high they will loose many of their customers.
If they price broadband out of reach, I can always get unlimited dialup for $9.95 a month. It'll keep me connected eventually prices will go back down.

1511.4.2009 17:27

Originally posted by jony218:
If they price broadband out of reach, I can always get unlimited dialup for $9.95 a month. It'll keep me connected eventually prices will go back down.
Yeah, broadband is a luxury. I still need email, but I can get that on my 3G phone, and even browse a few sites that I need to visit. Dialup could get me that much as well, and much cheaper. I'll miss YouTube and last second eBay winnings, but I could always visit a library or other WiFi access point with my laptop if I needed to.

1611.4.2009 19:08

I can say a whole lot but this pic will explain it for the most part...

(also notice the distance mileage which just adds salt to the wound)

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1713.5.2009 1:50

Yes, TWC's internet is extremely slow, overpriced, and suckish. I really need to switch ISP's. FAST!

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