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Sony to sell PSP game without UMD copy?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Apr 2009 22:45 User comments (2)

Sony to sell PSP game without UMD copy? If sources talking to Arstechnica are correct, then Sony is preparing to release the upcoming music game Patapon 2 as a downloadable game only, removing the proprietary UMD format from the equation.
For those that want to purchase a retail copy with case, those will be available as well, but will only include a sheet with a coupon code to download the game online. The game will cost $15 USD online compared to $20 in-store however.

The move would be radical for the company, which has continually pushed UMD as the format of choice for the PSP, despite its obvious lack of portability compared to digital downloads placed on a Memory Stick. The move would mark the first time a major release would be only downloadable.

Sony has made it clear this year that they will be making a push towards downloadable games for the PSP handheld, releasing most digital versions on the same date as it's UMD physical counterpart. However, Sony has never said it will be dropping UMD completely.

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2 user comments

114.4.2009 16:36

This is a good thing, even if you have to buy extra protected mem sticks that can only hold a few legit games...its a start....

214.4.2009 23:27

Yeh, thats the rumor, might do that with Loco Roco 2. Personally I don't believe it though.

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