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Pioneer introduces 8x Blu-ray burner

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Apr 2009 22:16 User comments (4)

Pioneer introduces 8x Blu-ray burner Pioneer has announced the release of its latest Blu-ray writer, the BDR-2203, which promises fast dual-layer burning speeds of 8x.
Using the maximum means users can fill a BD-25 in 15 minutes and about 30 for a dual layer BD-50.

DVD-R can be burnt at up to 16x, and CD-Rs can be written at 32x making the drive very useful overall.

The source adds that "included software includes CyberLink PowerDirector, PowerDVD, and Power2Go, which allows Windows users to edit the videos recorded on their HD camcorders and insert photos, other home videos or songs, as well as integrated dialogue and chapter bookmarks."

The BDR-2203 is currently available and has an MSRP of $250 USD.

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4 user comments

115.4.2009 0:11

Imagen the heat after 30 minutes of sustained burning, hope the disc doesn't melt to the tray.

Then again pioneer is a Quality Brand, they make great electronics.

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215.4.2009 0:24

It's really comforting that we already have 8x blu-ray burners that aren't very expensive. That means the PS4 (or xbox720) could have a super fast 12x reading drive and it probably wouldn't be very expensive.

315.4.2009 22:46

It's hard to imagine that pretty soon these things will be $30 just like DVD writers are now. I think I'll wait until at least the 16X 'ers come out. It's looking good though.

42.5.2009 8:56

It;s not the price of the bluray burners, which of course are getting better, it's the blank bluray media thats nuts, I can almost buy some bluray movies if you search hard enough for the same price of a blank disc, its nuts.

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