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LG offers digital TVs with support for DivX HD 1080p

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2009 21:18 User comments (5)

LG offers digital TVs with support for DivX HD 1080p DivX, Inc. and LG Electronics, Inc. jointly announced today that LG's new line of digital TVs is the world's first device series capable of playing back full DivX HD 1080p videos. The digital TVs will enable consumers to easily playback DivX HD videos from the PC or the Internet through the USB slot. Using DivX technology, users can fit approximately two hours of high-quality DivX HD video on an 8GB media card.
"Being first to market with digital TVs capable of playing back DivX HD 1080p video is a big win for LG as well as our customers," said Simon Kang, Chief Executive Officer and President of LG Home Entertainment TVs Company. "As people expand their DivX HD video collections they are looking for more convenient ways to watch them on their TVs. We've given them the ultimate convenience by building support for DivX HD playback into our digital TVs. This is another feature we've integrated beautifully inside of our TVs and we look forward to working with DivX in the future to offer even more innovative solutions that effortlessly bring HD video into people's living rooms."

"DivX video technology has long been capable of producing great HD video with remarkably efficient compression," said Kevin Hell, Chief Executive Officer, DivX, Inc. "Now consumers will be able to easily enjoy those DivX HD files directly on their televisions. The LG digital TVs provide a comprehensive, cutting-edge digital media experience that clearly represents the future of consumer electronics devices."

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5 user comments

123.4.2009 4:07

No! no! no! We want MKV support

223.4.2009 11:41

Is Divx the same as .avi? If so, couldn't you just renamed your .mkv file to .avi? Just wondering?

324.4.2009 19:06

AVI is not a format it is just a container, it is what is inside that counts. So no that wouldn't work.

Comparing encoded videos these days DIVX/XVID really needs to die, x264 just blows it all away.

Better MKV support would be very nice :-)

425.4.2009 20:20

Originally posted by beanos66:
No! no! no! We want MKV support
Your best bet for MKV support is a BluRay player.

The JVC XV-PB1 BluRay player will come with 1080P MKV support PLUS network streaming and fast loads.

MSRP is $299 so it should street for about $250.

IIRC the upcoming Oppo BDP-83 and LG BD390 BluRay players are also reportedly getting 1080p MKV support.
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526.4.2009 8:00

Over at doom9 they've been able to convert MKV files to AVCHD for playback on Panasonic BD players on DVD and SDHC media. They're using a nifty piece of software called multiAVCHD.

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