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LCD prices to drop another 20 percent in 2009

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2009 20:52 User comments (5)

LCD prices to drop another 20 percent in 2009 According to a Digitimes report, flat-panel TVs such as LCD and Plasma displays will drop in price by over 20 percent in 2009.
The price gap between mid-sized and large-sized TVs will also decrease, says the report.

The average price for a 37-inch LCD HDTV will drop to $500 USD by the end of the year, from $670 USD at the end of 2008. Lower end 32-inch models will drop in average price to under $400.

Entry-level 42-inch models will see their prices frop to $580 USD by the end of the year, and sources say the steep price declines for the model will turn the 42-inch segment into the market mainstream by 2012.

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5 user comments

126.4.2009 22:26

I myself am waiting for the prices of any LCD over 50" to drop

226.4.2009 22:41

Hope the prices of LED drop soon, and by A LOT. Want to get one for my bedroom, but they are way overpriced right now in my opinion.

327.4.2009 2:07

It's about time...I might buy a 37" for $170.

427.4.2009 23:19

sweet, i have been waiting for them to get down to around that price.

52.5.2009 2:43

This is great news, especially looking forward to tax time coming around again for next year. If this holds true, then I'm definitely buying either an LG or Samsung 26" HDTV in my room. By that time and with the digital transition in place, these LCD TVs should be affordable for most of the U.S. to get there hands on one. Hell, even when Black Friday comes around, this could be what most manufacturers use to "break the ice" to at least gain some profit in the recession we are in.

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