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Interesting Read: The origins of the PlayStation

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2009 21:11 User comments (5)

Interesting Read: The origins of the PlayStation EDGE has made available this week a very interesting article on the origins of the original Sony PlayStation console which is a good read for fans of gaming, Sony, or history in general.
"This is a story that isnít just about the design of an object made from silicon, plastic and metal. Nor is it just the story of the corporate politics that allowed the project to commence. Itís also the story of sales forces and distribution systems, of marketing strategies and product evangelists, of a confluence of social, economic and technological circumstances that allowed it to thrive. Itís about the vision behind the piece of hardware that pushed videogames into 3D and a veteran yet wide-eyed technology corporation into an industry that it would transform.

And itís a vision that rose out from the rubble of a very public disaster. At the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991, Sony revealed to the world a videogame console on which it had jointly worked with Nintendo. This SNES with a built-in CD-ROM drive was a project driven by Ken Kutaragi, a Sony executive who had come out of its hardware engineering division. It was to be Nintendoís route into a brave new world of multimedia, and a way for Kutaragi to show his company how important the videogame industry could be. But the very day after Sonyís announcement, Nintendo declared that it would be breaking its deal with Sony by partnering with Philips instead..."

Read the entire article here: The Making of PlayStation

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5 user comments

126.4.2009 21:48

Great article, i enjoyed it more then the Sega one on ign that made my eyes bleed it was so long

227.4.2009 13:24

You can't deny that the PS1 and PS2 were - and to a great extent, the latter still is - the rockstars of video games. To this day, I've put away my Wii and Xbox 360 just to be emersed in playing the PS2. I still consider it the best video game console ever, even beter than the Wii and 360.

327.4.2009 13:29

People lament the poor graphics on the i fire up the ps2 emulator everyone is raving about and set ff12 to 1920x1200. Wow..a feast for the eyes. ALmost looks next-gen and really is a completely different experience, provided you have a high end dual core for most games. The thing with the ps2 is..playability. God of War 2, Colossus, Ratchet, Dark Cloud 2..not really any comparisons to the pc market. Totally different beast, but at least the emulation scene is hoping to bring some of Sony's better titles to the PC crowd.

427.4.2009 19:52

I actually didn't play on the PS2 all that much (which is blasphemy, I know. Especially when I played a lot on the PS1 before it). The game library is superb but mind you that I got the PS2 late and I use Swap Magic, which is quite irritating (having to boot it up and swap discs every time you want to play. Having a game disc stop spinning on you because the magic key for sensor A got loose. lol You really have to tape that thing down) and is probably the reason why I didn't invest much time in the PS2. DS Flash carts, however, are very convenient and the DS games are pick-up-and-play so the end result is, I ended up playing my DS way more than my PS2. And plus I now have a 360 so PS2 is like 3rd (4th when I'm playing a PC game) in the pecking order and is mostly used as a DVD/Xvid player now. Maybe if I used a more convenient alternative method to Swap Magic, I'd probably give my PS2 more time. Hopefully PS2 emulation (and Gamecube too!) improves so I don't have to worry about that. lol.

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528.4.2009 13:50

PS2 graphics were really swung buy the age of the game I was messin on some of the earlier games and they did nothing but blag my head whereas the newer games were pretty decent looking then I got to games like Sonic unleashed that had been made for the PS3/360 gen and they were worse then the very early games. Lazy porting is killing the PS2!

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