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Verizon starts on-demand PC gaming service

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Jun 2009 11:13 User comments (6)

Verizon starts on-demand PC gaming service Verizon has announced today that broadband customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island can now sign up for a new on-demand PC gaming service that will allow unlimited access to 1400 games for $9.99 USD a month.
Gamers can play as often as they want, and can even download the games to laptops and play anywhere, given you have Internet (the games must 'phone home' first).

"With unlimited games, our FiOS and HSI (High-speed Internet) broadband customers can do away with those annoying game-rental late fees and the hassles of storing and cataloging game discs,"
adds Susan Retta, vice president for Verizon broadband marketing. "And when customers are away from home, they can access their account from any broadband connection to play online games or download new games to play later."

A few of the included games are "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader," "Jewel Quest," "The Price Is Right,""Boggle" ,"Risk,""Bob The Builder(TM)," "Clifford The Big Red Dog," "SpongeBob(TM") Teaches Typing," "American Girl and "Zoo Tycoon,""Bejeweled Twist(TM)," "Diner Dash(R)," "Agatha Christie(TM)," "Virtual Villagers(R)," "Splinter Cell(TM)" and "Prince of Persia(TM)."

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6 user comments

118.6.2009 01:38

this i like

218.6.2009 03:33

I would be more interested in this if the games were any good.

318.6.2009 07:30

what is this 9.99 to rip my money off //come on i need the game //i can get this games anyware for free

418.6.2009 19:57

"Cloud Gaming" here we come...

518.6.2009 20:51

Originally posted by TheJoxter:
I would be more interested in this if the games were any good.

ditto. i dont think that those games are worth 10bux/mo. they should have done better advertising of games, since they apparently have 1400+.

618.6.2009 20:55

haha, paying for old / bargain-bin computer games.

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