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Group submits entry for $1 million Netflix prize

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Jun 2009 3:56 User comments (1)

Group submits entry for $1 million Netflix prize In 2006, the popular online movie rental company Netflix started a contest to see who could improve its recommendations by 10 percent.
Today, a "multinational group of researchers, scientists and engineers" has submitted their entry, and are well on their way to winning the $1 million dollar prize.

Because the team was the first to submit, competitors now have a 30 day window to get better solutions in or the contest is over.

The group says their solution improves predictions by 10.05 percent, just over the threshold.

BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos, as the group dubbed itself includes researchers at AT&T, a research scientist at Yahoo, and two Austrian engineers.

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1 user comment

130.6.2009 14:27

Exactly how can you tell if the recommendations have actually improved, and by how much? I can see how you can improve it, but how can anyone quantify it? If a recommendation is "good" or not is entirely in the eye of the beholder.
I've been hoping they would improve their rating system somehow. The first thing I would do would add another "star" or two. There you go, I improved the rating system by 20%. I win! Now where's my million dollars Netflix?

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