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British Royal family now on Twitter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Jul 2009 16:03 User comments (6)

British Royal family now on Twitter Buckingham Palace has noted today that the British Royal Family has now joined Twitter, just another addition in the long line of big names that have joined the micro-blogging site.
The Twitter account is @BritishMonarchy and is now publicly available after spending a couple of weeks in private testing.

According to the BBC, the family signed up "to harness the popularity of Twitter to spread news about the Royal Family." Among the "news" about the family will be most royal engagements and links to information on what family members are doing.

A spokesperson did note however that none of the family would be tweeting personally, and instead, "the intention is that it is a news service rather than a personal voice."

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6 user comments

111.7.2009 18:00

twitter users can just kill themselves and die and in death be killed forever k thx

211.7.2009 18:28

Hopium have you missed your meds today fella?

If you said the royals should do that, then I would have agreed with you:P
Chill winston, life is to short

313.7.2009 0:49

Two little words. WHO CARES.

413.7.2009 13:39

British Royal Family
id make it bleed but theres no way to fuzzy the text.

514.7.2009 0:11

What a shame it isn't going to be the usual personal inane drivel.. I would love to know that Lizzy had toast with jam for breakfast.. then needed a massive dump because the coffee was a little on the strong side and went right through her .. sheesh.. I would subscribe for that XD

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68.9.2009 4:13

We can't deny that Twitter is convenient to our lift.
With the more people join Twitter,stronger it will be.

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