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iPhone finally headed to China?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 Jul 2009 2:36 User comments (5)

iPhone finally headed to China? According to an Apple Insider report, Apple may finally be in the closing stages of bringing the iPhone to China.
The report says the company as applied for a Network Access License, meaning a release could be just months away.

The news comes through Wedge Partners analyst Matt Mathison who says the application was filed this week but notably lacks any mention of onboard Wi-Fi, meaning the wireless will not be available on the Chinese version of the phone.

It has been long rumored that Wi-Fi would have to be dropped to "appease the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which would prefer that iPhone owners use local networks," says AI.

Mathison says he is confident now that the Wi-Fi issue is settled that the phone will go on sale in China before the Chinese New Year, on February 14th 2010. The phone will likely be available through carrier China Unicom , the only carrier in the nation that has available compatibility "with the iPhone's existing 3G standards."

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5 user comments

112.7.2009 16:29

Would't want to let human rights interfere with making a profit

213.7.2009 13:45

是那I电话 准备死民主党浮渣

313.7.2009 16:08

babelfishsez "Is that I telephone prepares the dead Democratic Party dross" ???

413.7.2009 16:38

Originally posted by beanos66:
babelfishsez "Is that I telephone prepares the dead Democratic Party dross" ???
Lol, thats because you cant use Greek based language with the squiggles.
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517.7.2009 10:15

i read an article before about trendy iPhones in China. Most people can't afford one, but they do like the look/design of the iPhone (mainly for showing off i guess). If you want one and don't really want to drop few hundred dollar on one, what you do? Duh, buy bootlegged version... The article did mention the parts for "iPhone" clones are less than $100 (touch screen panel, chips etc). So, a lot of places selling the clones for $100-ish. In many cases, people actually said that the clones are better (offers more options than the real thing). Of course, the drawback is that, you're buying bootlegs (it's a hit or miss, not all bootlegs are bad, but most are).

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