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Netbook shipments grow to 33 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2009 1:26 User comments (1)

Netbook shipments grow to 33 million According to new DisplaySearch figures, netbook shipments will jump to 32.7 million worldwide for 2009, a large year-on-year spike.
Says John Jacobs, DisplaySearch's notebook market research director, via TWICE, that if the expected number is hit, the netbook market will have doubled in just one year, strong growth by any stretch.

The company expects the "Greater China" region will see the biggest jump, 260 percent, from 1.1 million units to 3.9 million units year-on-year. Following with very strong growth as well is the North American market, spiking from 3.7 million units to 8.8 million units, a 137 percent jump. Seeing the most shipments and fourth largest growth is the EMEA (European/Middle East/Asian) markets, jumping from 7.3 million to 13.3 million units, an 81 percent jump.

DisplaySearch says the strong volume growth in North America can be attributed to the subsidy programs being currently run by cell phone carriers, with some offering the netbooks for as low as 99 cents with contract.

"While these devices have certainly created a new market, our research indicates that they are predominantly used as secondary PCs by consumers, and are not replacing notebooks," Jacobs added.

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115.7.2009 16:04

This is what I want in a net book, 4 hour life with mid screen brightness doing anything, 8+ if just for audio or writing.

It would be not the best video player(handles most SD videos without issue) but would give up to 1024X786 on a 10inch screen.

WIFI is needed of cores as is 2 or 4 USB ports and a VGA port, but I'd rather keep the base unit cheap and offer 2 different types of docking stations(travel/home), or a versatile 80$ docking station that has a VGA out, 2 extra USB ports and a DVD drive, also has a battery exsapnation bay for a extra 2XXX or 4XXX battery to aid the extra USB and DVD player.

HDD wise it would run on current flash tech it should not be to hard to do USB/SD flash card into Sata flash, yes I do realize there are write limits but it halves the cost of space almost twice. Because I want this caped at 150$

its going to take SSD tech another 5 years to be 100$ or less for 100GB, the rest of the tech other than battery life should be cheap enough to hammer something out, I dunno why but I get this nagging feeling most netbooks are over priced by 100$...if not more...

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