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Google to retool Android Market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2009 23:57 User comments (3)

Google to retool Android Market With the upcoming firmware update to 1.6, Google is planning a makeover for its Android Market, one that will focus more on paid applications as well as ease of use.
The market currently has over 8000 applications, but developers and users alike have expressed concerns over the navigation of the market and the apps themselves, which can be less then intuitive.

The updated market will allow developers to add screenshots to their apps, as well as full descriptions. Similarly to the popular Apple App Store, the updated market will also now have tabs for latest apps, top free, and top paid. Four new categories will be added; health, sports, comics and themes, which I'm not sure why they were not included in the first place.

Currently the Android Market generates about $5 million USD per month, while the App Store generates over $200 million. It is unclear when 1.6 will be released.

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3 user comments

15.9.2009 14:09

5 million to 200..i dont like apple..but theyve got a long way to go

25.9.2009 14:21

They really should tell us exactly when they are to release the updates we wait way too long. And yeah 5 to 200 mill is pretty daunting but apple have had way more time than android. That said, I still don't think android will ever reach the heights of apple. Unfortunately too many people more attracted to the iphone's flash and ease (how many phone users really know or care what kernel their phones are running?)

35.9.2009 17:52

i do. The android market has only been around for about a year, 5 million is pretty huge if you ask me. The applications are also much cheaper on the android market. There are articles saying otherwise but personally, ive used both markets and the android will get you what you want for much cheaper.

The android market has 8000 applications compared to apples 70k, so its not like they should be anywhere close yet. They undoubtedly will be once all of the new android devices come out. Motorola is rumored to be releasing 10 new android devices, as well as 15 more devices from various manufacturers by the end of the year. Right now there are about 10 times more iphone users than android.

You think we wait too long for updates? android just updated back in may or something, then again in july for a security update. 2 more updates are planned by the end of the year. Thats pretty quick if you ask me.

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