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BD Live usage increasing - studios plan more features

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2009 23:19 User comments (2)

BD Live usage increasing - studios plan more features Deluxe Digital Studios, an authoring firm which has developed more than 700 BD Live-enabled discs, has said it is very pleased with the pace at which BD Live usage is growing. Over 25 million people have used BD-Live enabled discs to connect to, and download content from the web in the 9 months since the feature became available for Blu-ray.
Consumers are connecting 4 million discs for online updates each month. "BD Live is a very viable technology," said Peter Staddon, executive VP at Deluxe. "And we're seeing an enormous interest in downloading content." Staddon suggests that a likely new feature for BD-Live will be exclusive versions of film trailers, only available to users of the service.

Downloading new trailers is the more popular activity of BD=Live users. "People will take this further in the coming year, where you might see a theatrical trailer first at Comic-Con, and then there'll be an exclusive trailer just for BD Live," said Staddon. "That is in the strong realm of possibility."

Studios are planning to incorporate more social networking possibilities to BD Live, with more discs carrying Facebook features, as well as Twitter and MySpace. BD Live developers are also working on simplifying the registration process for the service, since registration procedures differ from studio to studio thus far.

"We want BD Live to help keep track of all the content you are interested in, and the creative challenge is to develop it as an expanded part of your regular entertainment and not just have it bolted on," said Staddon. "You don't want people to feel they are being marketed to. They should feel like BD Live is part of their enhanced overall experience."

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2 user comments

17.9.2009 3:18

its quiet in here, i'm guessing this is a sign on just how many people give a dam about film extras.

i for one would rather see all the extras removed & costs lowered for the end user.

27.9.2009 3:47

I use BD-Live on a semi-regular basis and indeed, most of the time it's to download and watch trailers of upcoming movies and BD's.

In some cases, I use BD-Live for other features: download extra's mostly (like the additional menu templates available for Transformers BD, etc).

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